We all need motivation..

Or do we?

I don’t know about you but when my get up and go, gets up and goes I automatically think I need motivation.  I can think of countless times when I have thought that.

I have come to realise it is never motivation we really need; we might think so but what we really need is inspiration.




When you find what inspires you no motivation is needed.  Your energy returns along with your va va voom.  You can’t wait to take action and get things moving again.

I find these questions really helpful to get my energy flowing and hopefully you will too.

  1. What is it I really want?
  2. Why have I not got that?
  3. What is the first thing I need to do?

Don’t just think about it as your unconscious mind will automatically find you something else to think about, rather than digging into the issue.  Instead, journal LINK about it and really get to the bottom of it. If you don’t already have a journal you can purchase mine HERE.

It is rarely good night’s sleep we need but the excitement and energy from something that inspires us, so what will inspire you?

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Of course, if you want more support this is the sort of work we do in Abundance Club.  Join us HERE