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Positive Channeled Guidance from your Angels – with One of Britains Best Psychic’s stated by Fate & Fortune Magazine

Giving you Clarity & Focus via Zoom or Phone

All my Angel Readings are channelled guidance from your Angels and Guides. They are deep and as a Reiki Master and natural born healer they often have healing interwoven into them within the 60 minute sessions.

They are all delivered via Zoom with recording or on the phone (no recording).

When I am doing your reading I use my own Angel Cards, plus pendulums and of course channeling. This is where ‘The Upstairs’ Your Angels, Guides and loved ones in Spirit speak through me. I will indicate to you when it is Angels or Spirit, but you will be able to tell for yourself too as when I channel Spirit my voice goes very croaky until I allow them through. They often play the hot and cold game too with my voice so when we are talking about something really important again they will make my voice go croaky.

However, everyone is different and I don’t have control over “who” comes through. I can guarantee though the guidance will be positive and for the highest good of all. The intention is set for you get what you need from the reading and it will be delivered around your needs. I have a high code of ethics and deliver exactly what I received for you. I consider them to be incredibly accurate and have a high percentage of clients returning time and time again.

The feedback and testimonials I’ve received speak volumes about how people feel after a reading with me. I can honestly say that because I am such a clear channel for your Angels, and they know you so well, this will result in the guidance you need right now and may make you emotional as you may not have realised you have Angels waiting to help you that know so much about you.

My Angel readings are totally confidential and I will only read for one person at a time. As I am channelling I don’t recall what I have said to you either, which does indeed provide extra confidentially too.

As much as I don’t consider my readings to be predictive, I have many clients who would tell you they are. This will be the case if you implement the suggestions and the guidance that comes through within the reading. So my advice would be to address the issues that are highlighted and heal any situations that are advised.

My Angel readings give you positive guidance perfect for when you are feeling mixed up, stuck or unsure at the next step. Maybe you want some clarity to find your direction again and get you back on track. People tend to describe their mood following the reading as uplifted, clearer and more focused.

Booking a reading or healing with me couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is book the amount of time you want for your session to last with me. You can have 30 or 60 minutes. At the start of the session I will ask you what you want to achieve from it and then craft the session around your needs.

Conveniently book Angel Reading appointments with Amanda.

I do get very booked up, so if you can’t find a time slot to work, keep checking back as there are always more being added. (Please remember the times listed are UK times.) 

I understand too that sometimes you need an urgent appointment.  If that is the case please email me and I will do my best to find time to see you. 


Please note the times listed are in UK time zone.

All Prices Include UK Vat at 20% – Vat No. 404691112

Amanda gave me an Angel card reading. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to know, but front and centre of my mind were business and my impending house move. Imagine my surprise when the lion’s share of the reading focused on relationships. Nothing could have been further from my thoughts! Amanda picked up a block I couldn’t even get a sense of. She advised me to do a forgiveness exercise on an ex I thought I’d completely forgotten (and forgiven) and told me a man would soon be on his way. I did the exercise and started packing boxes. A few weeks later my house mate had some friends over. I went downstairs first thing in the morning; no make-up, PJs on…. to find my (now) man sat at my kitchen table, drinking tea. I always knew that when you lined up your energy, no action was required. But I have to say, this ‘surprise’ meeting even astounded me! Now I’m working with Amanda to experience the same ease in other areas of my life. Watch this space…
Julie Homewood (London)

Amanda did a fantastic and spookily accurate reading for me, the detail was spot on and the information she gave me really has given me faith in the future, made me feel more positive about my life in general. I would highly recommend her, you need this Mystic in your life!
Rachel Penman, VIP Mobile Beauty

What an absolute pleasure to talk to Amanda in my clarity reading. She really helped me to focus on what’s important for me and to look within myself for the answers and guidance as well as letting go and allowing the universe to guide me in some things too. It was such a positive call and helped me to be clear on what my own goals and dreams are and how to keep focus on getting there. I’d definitely recommend a reading with Amanda for clarity, focus and healing.
Susan Hay - Editor of Thrive Magazine

Is an Angel reading not better in person?

This is a commonly asked question, but honestly I work best like this, even if I did resist it for about a year. My guides kept telling me to do Angel readings via Skype or phone but I doubted how I would connect. After getting tired of being ‘pestered’ by my guides, I gave it a go. I was amazed; it was just like reading face-to-face. I now have testimonials from satisfied customers all over the world and it is definitely my favourite way of reading. The readings seem more focused and I often receive information for clients before I have even started speaking to them. This never happens in face-to-face readings. So much so, that for the moment my face-to-face readings are not available, as I want to be able to give you the very best of me in your reading.
I really enjoyed my Reading with Amanda. Amanda’s approach is relaxed and friendly and I immediately felt comfortable speaking with her. Each card was explained in detail and how it related specifically to me and my year ahead. I would recommend Amanda and will be signing up for more readings with her going forward. Thanks Amanda.
Jo Peirson

Hi Amanda. Just a quick update on focus session last Wednesday. I can’t believe how fast things are working. I am sky high can’t get over it’s only been a week and I am just about get my monthly goals already completed. The blocks have certainly been cleared. So thank you so much for help and advice I will keep in touch to let you know how thing a going on. All my love.
Shelly xxx xx

Everything you said makes so much sense & your absolutely spot on as usual. Thanks Again.

Your reading was so accurate, not that I’m surprised. Something else did crop up last w/e as you said it would, which made us have to make a decision. I used one of your favourite sayings over and over again – ‘The Universe has my back’ and, lo and behold it was staring us in the face. We’ve accepted the job offer and staying put. All we need to do now is manifest somewhere to live! Thank you again, so much.
Christine, Kendal xxx

The lady is amazing when I went to see her she told me a lot of things she could have never known. It was like Grant wasn’t standing next to her telling her. Thank you for your reading.
Lizzy Ali. X

I had a reading via telephone and I was very impressed with how she connected with my Angels and what she knew about me. She knew something about me that nobody else knows. She guided me on how to ask my Angels for the help that I need at this time. I found this a very positive experience and would recommend her to anyone that has an interest in Angels and how they can help you. Amanda is a lovely lady and I will definitely come back to her in the future.
Aimee Keteca

“Anyone thinking of working with Amanda I would highly recommend you do”

Amanda thank you for our session today although it stirred up some emotions I really enjoyed it. It has really made me think and evaluate lots of things I am looking forward to working to create the life I really want. Anyone thinking of working with Amanda I would highly recommend you do. Amanda works in an easy down to earth way and I felt very comfortable in our session. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you again soon.

Claire xx