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Hey, thanks for visiting my site. You may well have a question if so check out the FAQ lower down as you might get your answer right away.

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Email at hello@theangelmystic.co.uk

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General Ordering & Purchasing Questions

Do you ship abroad?

Yes but recent postal increases due to world wide events have increased, please check when you place your order as it will tell you the current costs.

When does your next 1:1 programme start?

I have some places coming up email me at hello@theangelmystic.co.uk.

How do I book an appointment?
You can book here.
What is your refund policy?
Please take a look at my T&C page.
How can I buy your books or Angel cards?

You can buy my books on my site as paperback or through Amazon as paperback or Kindle or even audio book for the Manifesting Manual.  Currently Angel Cards are only available via my site.

How do I know my order went through?
You will get a confirmation email, please check your email spam folder.
How long will my order take?

All orders will be dispatched as fast as possible often the same day & sent via Registered First Class Mail in the UK, Small Parcel if International. After that we are in the hands of the fabulous delivery people.  I think it is always a good idea to ask your Angels to help it arrive quickly and safely for you.

I have bought a downloadable product but not received the link
The link is on your receipt from The Angel Mystic Ltd, not the Paypal one. If you have not received that please check your spam folder before contacting us at hello@theangelmystic.co.uk
I have got the link to the downloadable product but it is not working

The link is live after your purchase, please download it to your device so you always have it.  If you are struggling please contact support at hello@theangelmystic.co.uk

Advice & Recommendations from Amanda

Does everyone have an Angel?

Yes we all do but they can’t help us unless we ask my book Do I have an Angel? will explain all you need to know.

Why don't my Angels answer?

We can all feel like this from time to time. However they always do answer, just sometimes not how we imagine. When we ask for help we mustn’t stipulate how we they need to help us, just be more open to the wonderful ways they will support us. You can find out more in my books  or maybe you have blocks we can address them in a reading.

How can I connect and develop myself?

Meditation and trust are always the keys to making connections with your Angels and Guides, I have lots of easy to understand, grounded programmes to help you

How can I get more help from you?
If you want membership Abundance Club is the best place for manifesting support.
If you want Spiritual development Spiritual Bootcamp is a 6 month development programme with my support as your mentor.
If you want my 1:1 help my coaching is something you need to apply for.
If you want to learn how to have your own successful Spiritual Business my Certified Angel Card & Business Training is the place to start.
If you have any other questions please get in touch at: hello@theangelmystic.co.uk
I'm feeing really lost and having lots of bad luck, what can I do?

So sorry to hear this, you need to know you have an Angel waiting to help and also that we are the makers of our own destiny. Please check out my programmes or if you would like more personal help we could book a reading to give you some insight in moving forward positively.

Can you tune in and tell me what is going to happen?
Absolutely! This is exactly what happens during my readings.

Getting  in touch with me

Can I interview you?

I love to connect with as many people as I can as I want as many people to know they have Angels, however I am also conscious about preserving my energy. I will review your invitation based on my availability, resonance with your topic, event and audience. If I am able to participate I would love to help you out. Drop me a line at hello@theangelmystic.co.uk

Will you do a guest post on my blog? Or, do a talk?

If I have time, yes I would love to if your site is match with mine. Get in touch at hello@theangelmystic.co.uk

Can I write a guest post for your blog?
At this time, I am not accepting any submissions for guest posts, this may change as time goes on.
I have something to give you, can I send it to you?

Thank you so much! Please drop an email to hello@theangelmystic.co.uk and one of my team will give you the details. 

Where can I find you on social media?
How can I get my question answered by you?

Due to time and energy constraints & the number of emails I receive, I am unable to provide individual answers to questions by personal email. Instead, if it has not been answered on this page I will do my best to address your question in a future blog post, newsletter, or video. You can send your question to hello@theangelmystic.co.uk or if it a specific personal question about yourself you can book at reading.