Alice and Twinkle

Alice is a very special little girl who I have dreamed about for a long time and is part of my soul purpose for being here on the earth plane, which is to make as many people as I can, understand they have an Angel they can count on.

Yes! I’ve written a children’s book called Alice meets Twinkle about a little girl called Alice and her Angel, Twinkle. 

This book is a dream come true.

After working in Social Services and realising what can go on behind closed doors, I felt that so many children would benefit from knowing they had an Angel to help them.

Alice meets Twinkle is the first book containing 4 stories to read alone or be read to for young children to help them understand they are not alone.

It covers how their Angel can help them with everyday situations, and how they can experience their Angel. Plus, brings in positive thinking and Law of Attraction.

A perfect book that every child needs on their bookshelf as everyone needs their Angel.

I really hope you love her as much as I do and would be grateful for your feedback!

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