Angel Awareness Audio Workshop. All professionally recorded so you can learn how to connect with your Angels and Archangels from the comfort of your own home. Filled with all the information, exercises and meditations you need to help you connect.  

When you connect with your Guardian Angel, they give you such a wonderful feeling of love, after all they love you unconditionally. You feel cared for, safe and protected. They will never let you down and they have been waiting all your life to be given a chance to help you because they can’t support or help you unless you ask.

As well as giving you emotional support, inner strength when you need it.  They will also give you real practical help to from parking spaces, traffic lights to be on green, to be honest there is nothing they can’t help you!  However, they will only work for the highest good of all concerned. The unconditional love they surround you in, makes you more loving and accepting of yourself and others.

They are waiting to connect with you now, waiting to support you with whatever life throws at you. There is nothing complicated about working with them. Everything I deliver in the programme is easy to understand, practical and grounded.

This Angel Awareness Audio Workshop is packed with information, contains meditations and exercises so you can meet your Guardian Angel and can invite your Angels to connect with you daily and make your life run smoother.

What you actually get:

Amanda delivers all you need to know in these 6 sessions, giving you information and exercises so you can take it all at your own speed.

It is recommended to do session one and the exercises, taking time to journal for 24 hours before commencing the next one, though as Amanda explains everyone communications differently with “The Upstairs” as she calls it and it is most important to do what you feel is right for you.

These sessions will lead you to connect with the Angels to enhance you daily life, you will hear real life stories of both Amanda’s and others.  Amanda will guide you into meditation and other simple exercises so you can make connections with your Angels for yourself.

In this programme Amanda also covers troubleshooting and what to do when you feel the Angels are not answering.

In the extensive 6 sessions you will be covering:

Session 1

  • What are Angels and Spirit
  • Amanda’s Journey
  • Protection and Grounding
  • Journalling


Session 2

  • How to ask your Angel to help you
  • How to hear your angels answers
  • Your Guardian Angels name
  • Meeting your Guardian Angel


Session 3

  • Meditation
  • Meeting your Guardian Angel Meditation


Session 4

  • Angels and Travel
  • Caring for the soul
  • Angel cards
  • Coping with negativity
  • Trouble shooting
  • Fine Tuning
  • What to do when you feel you are not being answered


Session 5

  • Archangels
  • Archangel Healing Meditation
  • Cord cutting


Session 6

  • Moving forward and what to expect


Throughout this programme there are lots of exercises and meditations you might like to record or make notes about, having a note pad or journal is recommended.