Do I Have An Angel?



Book – Do I have an Angel?


(Paperback approx. 110 pages)

A simple guide to discovering your Angel. I explain how the Angels have positively impacted on my life and encourage you to discover your Guardian Angel too.

I am told this book makes connecting with ‘The Upstairs’ easy. It includes real life stories of both mine and others that I have worked with. It covers what Angels can help you with, how to recognise their signs, how to ask for their help and how they will communicate back with you.

It is all you need to know about Angels and changing your life for the better with their support and assistant in daily life. My book also includes exercises for grounding, protection and even an exercise to meet your very own Guardian Angel.

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  1. theangelmystic

    By shelleyharle
    Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
    I have read loads of books about angels and I must say this one is the most straight forward and easy to understand stand . Amanda comes across very honest and genuine in this book is great for anyone new who are wanting to
    trying to connect with there angels. I have found it most helpful and easy to work with .I have tried asking my angels to help me with a parking space out side my shop and believe me I normally can’t get out side my shop but now I can get so close its unbelievable and that’s just the start so I would recommend Amanda’s book to everyone . Also Amanda’s meditation CD are brilliant as well you can find her on Facebook (Amanda angel mystic )
    Thanks to Amanda for taking the time to make this book FULL of all the things we need and so easy to understand xxx

  2. theangelmystic

    By Denj
    Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
    Great little book that describes, in everyday language, how we are all can all enjoy having the Angels close to us.
    The book gives real life experiences, humour ( and sadness) and simple exercises to try out for yourself and will convince you to try it out for yourself and enjoy having Angels in our lives.
    Thanks Amanda, well done

  3. theangelmystic

    By Miss Kristel kemp –

    This review is from: Do I Have an Angel: A Down to Earth Guide About “the Upstairs” (Paperback)
    What a lovely collection of insights, recollections and shared experiences. Amanda’s personality and insights shine bright throughout this book.

    If you’re looking for a down-to-earth way of finding out more about your angels, this is the book for you. Amanda makes it really easy to see how to live a more spiritual life and to see what your angels could be adding to everyday. The book, is easy to read and has some lovely, emotional moments. Most of all, what comes through is a real sense of love and fun.

  4. theangelmystic

    I started your book before bed last night and have read another few pages before getting up this morning. So much has happened already I have just had to contact you!!! Firstly seeing the chapter on your nana made me think of my nan who died 15 yrs ago. Although I have had ‘experiences’ re spirit over years I have never felt my Nan has come through. Well I couldnt believe the similaritys between the 2 Nans! Mine went to a spiritualist church and had a ouija board and ended up going in a nursing home. They even look similar! Then I started thinking of my Dad and asked (while I was reading) for a sign he was near me today. Imagine my surprise when I turn the page and you mention ‘great uncle Bernard’! His names Bernard!! I then sat for a few minutes and asked my angel for ‘support’ in everything at the moment from health problems, marriage difficulties, daughter not at school today as feeling poorly etc I check my phone – the card of the day is ‘support’ with an angel giving someone a hug!!! I then went into my bathroom and saw a cloud hovering (!!!) for a few seconds which dissappeared before my eyes!! And its only 8AM!! What will the rest of the day hold!! Jeanette Brown


    What a lovely book!so easy to read and understand.reading Amanda’s story of how she started talking to angels was so nice as are angel stories too.thoroughly enjoyed this book and I’ve recommended to friends and family!well done Amanda!

  6. theangelmystic

    I have been using parking angels for many years now, but never thought to ask for anything bigger. This book encourages you to give it a try. So I do a lot of travelling in peak traffic and my travel time sometimes nearly doubled, so I started asking for the traffic to be light and keep flowing. That was two weeks ago and have only been in one traffic jam when most roads were closed due to the high winds! I can not believe how easy my journeys are now, I did wonder if it was just the time of year but friends are still getting stuck in the traffic jams. So pleased I read this book.

  7. theangelmystic

    This book is wonderful! It’s so easy to understand,funny and everyone should have one! Just like angels! I have so much to learn and found a lot of information from other sites ect quite daunting but I bought your cards a few months back and downloaded one of your programmes, best thing I ever did! Thank you! I can relate to a lot of what you say and it has helped me a lot! Bless you Amanda! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Lindsay Xxxx

  8. theangelmystic

    By Mrs J A Speight – See all my reviews
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What is this?)
    This review is from: Do I Have an Angel? (Kindle Edition)
    I’ve just finished reading this lovely book – what strikes me most is the fact that Amanda describes concepts that can be difficult to grasp in such a down-to-earth way, de-mystifying them and demonstrating to the reader how working with angels can be part of our normal everyday life. Highly recommended for anyone who really wants to build their relationships with their angels.

  9. theangelmystic

    By Sara Lyndley “Sara Lyn” (UK) – See all my reviews
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What is this?)
    This review is from: Do I Have an Angel? (Kindle Edition)
    I purchased this book on my new kindle and finished reading it over Xmas. It is FABULOUS and so beautifully written, i enjoyed it so much i didn’t want to put it down. Probably the first time ive finished a book within a few days!! I feel it is perfect timing for me in my life with the path that unfolds. One struggle ive always had is asking for help, after reading your book i feel shifted to now ask and call for my Angel/Angels – i have already had some signs, and my awareness is growing. Wonderful read and beautifully written. I will order some hard copies for some friends i know will benefit reading a wonderful book. This has to be the Best Book Read for me this year and i hope it makes a best seller. Its a great read for anyone Angel curious this will really raise your awareness. Thank you!

  10. tattoedkitten

    My wonderful other half suprised me with this book for Christmas. Its very easy to read and understand. Some really useful tips to contact your angels. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. xxxxx

  11. theangelmystic

    By Shirley Howell
    Great Book & Helping me to return ~ I really enjoyed this book and after reading this it is helping me to return. I felt I had lost my path.

  12. theangelmystic

    By Mrs Lynda Keep
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What is this?)
    This review is from: Do I Have an Angel: A Down to Earth Guide About “The Upstairs” (Paperback)
    I treated myself to this book for Christmas, and oh what a treat! Lovely little book, well written, easy to understand and full of practical tips of how to connect with your Angels.
    When I was reading the part on ‘what signs to look out for’, my partner happened to be watching a programme on ABBA, it had been on a while when I noticed that a song was playing which made me chuckle, ‘I believe in Angels’. Well I’m convinced!
    Whether you believe or not, it’s definitely worth a read.

  13. theangelmystic

    This review is from: Do I Have an Angel? (Kindle Edition) by Dawn
    I really could stop smiling the entire time I read this book ! It makes perfect sense and I’ve been remembering to ask my angels for help and guidance…. Life is so much easier xx thanks Amanda xx

  14. theangelmystic

    This wonderful little book helps you to connect to your Angels in a way that is simple and effective. After reading it from cover to cover, you can then go back to chapters when you need specific help. Amanda has done a great job of helping us to understand that help is always there, all we have to do is ask. Thanks Karen.

  15. theangelmystic

    Fantastic, easy to read and enjoyable book for anyone interested in Angels. A must for your bookshelf.
    I’ve read a few books on Angels on the past and none has come close to this one. Written in a way that is easy to understand and fun to read. Fabulous. Sarah Bell


    Hi 🙂 I purchased your book a few months ago now and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I kinda always knew that I was getting signs even when I was a child but didn’t understand what they were or what they meant 😉 Your book has opened up my mind and I no longer think I’m crazy when I see things 🙂 I smile every time I see a white feather,butterfly, Bobby robin or rainbow and I love knowing that I have an Angel by my side it’s so comforting. I have your cards and I use them almost every day. Thank you for writing the book and for helping me to believe!!! HUGS Julie XXX

  17. theangelmystic

    I loved this book so much. It is clearly written and a joy to dip into. I hope there will be many more books to come from this talented author. L Ellis

  18. theangelmystic

    What a thoroughly enjoyable read. This truly is a fabulous little book and a brilliant introduction to a world of angels! It’s easy to understand and makes perfect sense about why things happen the way they do. Highly recommended. Lee

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