How to pick a crystal

How to pick a crystal 

Often people don’t use crystals even if they want to because they think they don’t know which one they need for them.  However, we are all intuitive beings, when we allow our intuition to flow we can easily work out what is right for us and what is not.  That goes for crystals too.

Some 5 years ago I had a shop and we stocked crystals.  We had a quite a large selection in the centre of tumblestones.  Each type was displayed with a card detailing the benefits and healing properties of each crystal.  People would come in a look for ages working out what they needed, asking advice.  Of course 9 times out of 10 they would leave with the crystal they originally picked up, as they were naturally drawn to it.

I believe crystals can pick us and recommend you doing this when choosing a crystal.

Using our intuition by just placing your non dominant hand over them, in a scanning motion you will feel which is right for you.  Then read the information on it and see if it is a fit.

In my shop children were always the best as they are more in tune with their intuition; they used to love picking crystals in that way.

I still do this myself each day.  On my dressing table I have a large bowl of tumblestones and crystals.  Each morning I just pick a couple out I feel drawn to, without giving it too much thought.

Here is a picture of my selection.  You will see there is a wide mix and some of them double up.  Each one has been picked for a reason, even if I don’t really know why.

My Crystal Collection

My Crystal Collection

So you don’t have to know about crystals to use them, there is nothing complicated about it.  Just use your intuition on how to pick a crystal and you will soon learn to trust it more.

I like to keep my crystals close.  So if I don’t have a pocket I pop them in my bra.  I know it sounds strange, but you don’t get the full healing affect if they are in your purse or wallet, they need to be on you.

I keep them cleansed and charged by putting them out in the full moon, once a month.  I also like to keep them dust free, I personally hate to see dusty crystals.  Though do be careful if you wash them as some are water soluble and they will literally dissolve if submerged in water.

I love having crystals around my house, they look attractive and have great healing properties.

Watch out thought as people often find crystals become quite addictive and end up with a large collection before long.  You may find that they disappear when you no longer need them too!

Or, if you feel you no longer need that particular crystal, you can cleanse it and pass it on to someone else or even bury it and give it back to mother earth.

Want to learn more watch my video on crystal picking too by clicking here.


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