There is so much to think about with manifesting a new home and we can certainly get in our way and block it from coming to us.  So here are my favourite top tips that will help you.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to manifest a rental or purchasing your new home you still need to spend some time getting clear on what you want, otherwise the Universe will not know what to send you.


  1. Get clear on what you want in the new home. Feelings are so important when manifesting it is how we manifesting and the language of the Universe. You need to feel it first then it will turn up for you. So write it down or draw it, I did a simple drawing of one of my houses in my journal and wrote an exact list of what I wanted.  One of the things I put was a swing in the garden and a large cupboard with shelves all the way round on the landing instead of a loft.  I manifested exactly that and the picture I drew was mirror image of the house we moved into.  It was actually the house I won ITV’s May The Best House Win with.
  1. If you are moving home with other people make sure everyone on the same page and wants the same sort of property. It is no good if you can’t agree as it won’t manifest.
  1. Cut cords with your old home I share how to do this in Abundance Club.
  1. Give gratitude to the existing home for keeping you warm and safe, even if it is less than ideal now.
  1. Create a vision board. You can put a picture of your old house with a sold sign on it, a removal van and image of the new home you want. I share how to do this properly in Abundance Club.
  1. Visualize it daily, living in that new home. Think about what it will be like in all seasons.
  1. Stay open to how it can come for you, don’t block it by your own limitations remember our job is not the how it will come, so instead just think about why you want it.


I have lots more to share but I leave that for my Abundance Club members, if you wish to join us please click here.