Whether it  is a brand new Range Rover, Vintage VW Camper or just a little run around, the first thing you need is clarity. The Universe cannot delivery anything to you without the clarity of knowing what you want.

I am proud to say I have just manifested my third Range Rover! I have had two Evoque’s and now I have a Range Rover Sport.

This has been one of my slowest manifestations ever and here is why – because I didn’t have clarity from the start.

I knew in my heart what I wanted, but my head kept jumping in and saying no you can’t have that. After all, we have been in lockdown for ages now and my car has mostly been sat outside my house! My head kept telling me I can’t justify such a spend as I wouldn’t use it enough.


It’s all about the feeling


That may be true but when I do use it how does it make me feel?  Well, it makes me feel incredible. I love the comfort, how safe it makes me feel, the luxury and the amazing roar of the engine.

With manifesting, it is always how we feel that is important, because it makes me feel good I will be a magnet for more good stuff.

I looked at other cars but nothing made me feel good.  So even though I had no idea how I could make it happen, I decided I wanted the Range Rover Sport.

I made a list of all the things I wanted on it and once I got clear it literally popped up in my life and was easy and affordable.

To think I had been blocking it for so long!  I was getting in my own way which is often the case with manifesting.


Step out of the way


When we step out the way and let the Universe do its own job in the manifestation process it becomes easy.  All we need to do is get clear on what we want.  Believe it is possible and follow our nudges.

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