Have we been deserted?

We can all go through periods when we feel like our Angels and Guides have deserted us.  We feel alone and have lost connection.

Quite honestly, it feels dreadful.  We can even feel angry and upset with them, I mean how dare they desert us.

We question our beliefs.  No longer have that trust in something bigger and greater than us.  It is a very wobbly time.

Angels never leave us!

The reality of this situation is far from that even if that is what we feel.  Our Angels and Guides don’t go anywhere, but we stop communicating.

We stop listening, sensing, feeling, knowing and trusting what we get because something knocked us off our Spiritual Wagon.  More than likely it was a problem, drama or life that took over.  Instead of going inward for answers, connection and support we operated in a very human way.

We forgot how powerful and connected we are, how the answers lie within.  We just can’t hear them when we are consumed in problems and drama.

It is that old image of the Angel with his head in his hands.  I bet they often think we could have helped if only they had ask.

Help is always at hand

Remember to ask for the help, guidance and support you need.  Also, remember to be open to receive it.  If life is racing at 100 miles an hour you will not hear the messages you so desperately want.  So slow down, be still, in silence, meditate if you wish.  Go to your favourite place to connect and let that guidance filter through.

We are not living life on our own, there is so much support out there and if you want help with your spiritual connections maybe now is the time to look at Spiritual Bootcamp and join the community of wonderful people taking their spiritual development to the next level. Click here to find out more.