I Am Moving From My Dream House!

by | 26th September 2018 | 2 comments

Yes, I am on the move again. Move number 19 to be exact! I joke that I must have gipsy blood but one thing is for sure I need furniture with wheels on it. It is only 7 months since my last move and I am off again.  I never thought I would be moving so quickly when I moved in, I thought I had found my dream home and had plans to buy it.

So much has changed in 7 months and now this house is just not a fit and it has confirmed something I already knew but guess I needed to be reminded of it:

Life changes all the time, it never stays the same. When we have manifested our dreams there will be more dreams to manifest.  It’s OK to change our mind about what we want if it no longer makes us happy.

That is what has happened to me, this house was a dream come true, but I have decided it wasn’t a dream I want to continue with.  This house has the most incredible view, but honestly not the view I want. I want the sea, not the country.

It is a wonderful home when filled with people and we have had some great family times here. Though most of the time I am here on my own (well, with the Angels of course). I work from home and rarely see people. It has started to get isolated and the thought of a long winter here doesn’t exactly fill me with joy.

I have reached that point after bringing up my children on my own where it is time for me again. Anyone that has experienced an empty nest will know what I mean. It takes some getting used to. It is wonderful to know your kids are off having their lives and you must have done something right that they are confident to do that, but it does leave you wondering what now?

I always thought with my manifesting I would keep moving to bigger and better houses.  But I am not, as it is not making me happy. I am considerably downsizing. Selling off loads of furniture.  Decluttering like crazy.  I feels so liberating as I don’t want all these material possessions.

I don’t need to be running this big house and garden. Most of the time I am rattling around in it. I want to be free to do what I want and travel more, run more retreats, work from wherever I decide.

I am living my life the way I want. I feel really excited about this and know I will be guided to experience some wonderful things along the way.


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  1. Oh wow. I can totally relate to how it feels with the youngsters leaving the nest. We bring them up to be self sufficient and to follow their dreams. But it is so hard and a wrench when they do! A move with a sea view sounds like heaven on earth to me. It is my dream one day too. I hope it all turns out perfectly for you. xx

    • Thanks Claire, this is stage one a base near my family, stage two is the world is my oyster!


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