How To Upgrade Your Life

How To Upgrade Your Life

In my MAP For Life (Manifesting Abundance Process) that I teach with all my work, one aspect is upgrades.

There will always be something we want to manifest, we never run out of things to manifest from inner things to material things.

Four years ago I surprised myself and manifested my dream car, my Range Rover Evoque. It took me just 14 days. I often manifest big things in 14 days and it often blows my mind.

So, from late last year, I kept thinking about upgrading my car. Upgrading our lives is so important and a really easy thing to do when you just do it bit by bit.

I often just do my underwear or tea towels. It makes you feel more abundant and when you feel more abundant you become more abundant. So, burn your best candles, use your best wine glasses, as everything is about how you feel. This is how you place your order with the Universe as it reflects everything right back at you.

I am always looking for more ways to work my manifesting muscle and make manifesting easy. Upgrades are a perfect way to do this.

So, needless to say, after having my car for a few years, it seemed only right to think about upgrading that too. I am always reaching for the next level. However, even when I do that I never forget how far I have come and that the days of being in debt and living on benefits are really not that long ago. This gives me even more gratitude for the lifestyle I now have and I hope it gives you hope that whatever you are facing you can change it too.

Anything is possible when you believe!

I had been thinking about a new car for months, even been in the garage a couple of times, but honestly, it never felt right. It is so important to follow your inspired guidance when manifesting too.

Today’s The Day

So, 14 days ago I woke up and thought, it’s today, I could feel it. I was going to upgrade my dream car to an even dreamier car, after all, this is an abundant Universe we are in.

I got ready to set off to the garage. My children asked where I was going and I replied to buy a new car. Needless to say, my son was up and out of bed faster than ever, as they both drive my car from time to and I think he wanted a say in what I would purchase.

We went to the garage and did the usual sit in them all and think about the models and colours, as I had already decided I was sticking with Range Rover.

I couldn’t believe it when the guy told me there was a special deal on at the moment and if I bought before the end of the month I would get some extra savings. That was enough to confirm the guidance I had felt earlier, now was the right time to upgrade my car.

I decided on the colours black with a grey roof but stuck with Evoque as I loved it. My son gave me some advice and he said, Mum, there is no point getting the same as you already have unless you are going up a level, you need to always be upgrading. He is so right; both my children have turned into incredible manifesters and I love how they give me advice too.

I told the salesman exactly what I wanted and he did the pricing. I then left with a lovely picture of it that I could put on my vision board. He did say he would try and get me one but because I had chosen an unusual colour combination and top of the range model it would be unlikely he would be able to find me one. They could order me one but it wouldn’t have the savings he was originally offering me.

Little did he know that I am a brilliant manifester. I knew it would be no problem. He even called me and sent me an email of different models saying he couldn’t find what I wanted, trying to tempt me with other similar cars. I still didn’t loose my faith; I knew it was coming.

Needless to say, he did contact me 5 days later and said you will never believe it; I have found you exactly what you asked for. It’s brand new and with another dealer as someone has given back word on it.

Surprised – not one bit! That’s manifesting for you – believe it and it will happen. Put your faith in the Universe and it delivers.

So, cutting a long story short, I did manifest my new upgraded car in 14 days from putting my request in to collecting it. But it only took 5 days to be confirmed.

Taking Delivery

When I took delivery of it I have to admit I was emotional. It is beyond what I ever could have imagined. It is the most expensive thing I have ever manifested and by far the most luxurious. I have to keep pinching myself that it is mine. I feel like a princess driving it. It has so many functions and features on it I will probably never even use. But I can if I wish.

I can even press the app on my phone and get it to warm up for me in the morning. It doesn’t just have heated seats it has cooling seats (great for a menopausal woman). It has a heated steering wheel, purple lighting inside, the softest leather I have ever felt in a car, it is incredible. I feel the luckiest person alive to own it, in fact, I am struggling to find the words to describe how I feel since taking delivery.

Range Rover freebiesOf course, I don’t believe it was down to luck that I have this upgrade, it was down to manifesting. I totally believe we create our own luck and whatever you are wanting to manifest just believe it is possible. If this single mum with two kids that used to live in an ex-council house can manifest an amazing life, so can you.

When I went to collect it I was gifted so many extras too. How can it get any better
than this?

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Amanda Tooke, also known as “The Angel Mystic” is a Spiritual Teacher and NLP Manifestation Coach, helping stuck, confused women create a spiritually connected and abundant life that they love. Amanda teaches them to use Universal Laws and Energy to unblock their fears and limiting beliefs that have been holding them back. Amanda is also a Natural Healer, Reiki Master, NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist,  Time Line™  Practitioner and an International Best-Selling Author who has featured on television, radio and is a columnist for Fate & Fortune Magazine.  Amanda is the creator of The MAP – Manifesting Abundance Process that she teaches in her membership club. Amanda also runs 5 * Angels in Anglesey Exclusive Spiritual Retreats, Spiritual Bootcamp plus various online programmes and 1:1 work encompassing Angels, Spiritual Development and the Universal Laws.


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