I am a great believer that our physical body is a great indicator of things other life issues that need to be healed.

For Example

  • Lower back pain – not feeling supported and/or money issues
  • Stubbing your toe – how are things getting in your way and stopping you moving forward



Within the last week my asthma has reared its ugly head and problems with lungs are a sign of grief. It’s pretty obvious for me, with the loss of dad that I have work to do. So, I wanted to share the exercises I have done in my journal to help me move forward.

  1. Write down how I feel physically and emotionally
  2. What does it remind me of?
  3. When have I felt like this before?

Then ask – is it really the current issue that is causing a problem or is it an old problem that needs to be released.

This is the place to start clearing things on an emotional level that are causing physical issues in your body. I share more on this in Abundance Club and if you think it could help you, join us here