Why do you cry when connecting with your Angel?


As I am sure you can imagine I get a lot of questions asked and often they are the same few.  One of the ones I get asked a lot especially after people have done my Meet Your Guardian Angel Meditation is why do you cry when connecting with your Angel?

It is not uncommon to cry when you meet your Angel.  Not because it is scary and an unpleasant experience, in fact quite the opposite.

Meeting a heavenly being

So, why do you cry when connecting with your Angel? When you meet your Angel you are meeting a heavenly being, something you have never done before in this life time.  They are like nothing you will have experienced before.  Angels are not your loved ones in spirit they are a much higher vibration than that and meeting them is often very difficult to put in to words.

Their love for you is so unconditional, their energy is immense and can feel so beautiful it can move you to tears.  Having that sense of being loved, understood and cared for in a way you have never experienced before is so awesome, no wonder so many cry.

How to meet your Angel

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