Coping In Difficult Times

by | 16th November 2018 | 4 comments

We all have difficulties times in life.  After all, it teaches us so much when we can detach from the drama.  If we didn’t have the hard times we wouldn’t appreciate the good times as much.

The point of this blog is to give you some pointers of how I cope in difficulties times.  Especially when they are not actually my issues but someone I love, as this is when it can be so draining.

1)  My first point of call of course is ask my Angels to help me and their Angels to help them.  We can all do this.  Just ask in your head, but often we forget.

2)  Remember that everyone is their own soul on their own journey.  We are all experiencing what we signed up for, even if that is really tough at times, it is what our soul came here to experience.

3)  Ask your Angels to help you step away from the drama of the situation and look for the positives in it, there will always be some.  Distraction is a great tool and means it keeps you stronger so you can offer more support to others.

4)  Practise really good self-care.  Sometimes that means taking time for yourself.  This is so you can be in a better place to support others as you have more to give.

I hope this help you.


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