Clairaudience is a myth.  Well, that is what I think.

Let me explain….

So many people want to hear their guidance from their Angels and Guides direct and think because they are not hearing it and it has not been shouted in their ear they can’t do it.

This is such rubbish and when you understand what exactly Clairaudience is and what it is not you will understand how you may already be doing it.


How do you hear?


So many psychics and clairvoyants say “Spirit said…..”  or “I have John here and he is saying….”

So, no wonder you think they are actually hearing it in their ears either internally or externally.

Clairaudience is so much more than that.  Think of yourself as a receiver as we are all one.  We are all connected to “The Upstairs” and can receive guidance.  When you are receiving a message you might not hear it as such, but a feeling, sense of knowingness that when you actually vocalise it, it becomes auditory to the message the person for which it was intended.

So often the message is not auditory until it is spoken.

I, as a channel, work like this and you might too.  Of course, there is clairaudience and people do hear spirit, I do too.  However, it is far more than that and I don’t want anyone missing their messages and selling themselves short.


Use your senses


Next time you feel, sense or know something but you don’t know where it has come from, speak the message out loud.  You will then come to understand that you are channel a receiver too, both for yourself and possibly others.

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