Choosing to see the positives

We all have our own personal road bumps in life as I like to call them.  What ultimately matters is how we choose to view them.

You always have a choice on how you view them and can reframe them.  You can deal with it and acknowledge that it’s just a bad day/time and look for the lessons and positives.  Or you can wallow in out and have a pity party, which will just attract more bad luck to you.

Neither of these are right or wrong, but they will give you a very different outcome.   Nobody can be high vibe and positive all the time but learning to flip your funk and put your “Positive Polly” pants on serves you much better than rocking in a corner with “Negative Nelly”.

Here’s an example for you. My life’s full of its ups and downs but I adore my life, I think I’m a pretty positive person and always count my blessings. For those of you who know me will know I had my first baby last year in September.

So here’s a little account of things since Fliss arrived.

  • Gave birth to Fliss in September.
  • 2 weeks later my partner Dan broke both his feet and was left in a wheelchair and is still recovering now.
  • A month or so after this I was made redundant.
  • My big extended family Christmas dream fell apart due to family differences.
  • Dan’s boss decided he couldn’t pay him anymore and his sick pay also ran out.
  • A family holiday was cancelled due to COVID.
  • COVID happened just before Dan was ready to return to work meaning he didn’t get furloughed.
  • I’ve been stuck in the house unable to attend any baby classes with Fliss and no family being able to see her grow, apart from Mum who moved in for 9 weeks.

I could have quiet easily fallen into a big self-pity party and seen everything as a negative. I’m not going to lie I’ve had 2 bad days in the last 8 months where I’ve struggled to flip my funk and wobbled.  At the end of the day we are only human and this is perfectly ok.

But on the whole I choose to see these things as positives.

Yes Dan broke both his feet when Fliss was only 2 weeks and it was incredibly hard for a while, but it was also the most magical time. We got heaps and heaps of quality time together as a family and seeing the bond between Dan & Fliss now is incredible. It’s also given Dan time to consider his future goals and direction in life.

Yes, I was made redundant but this has given me the opportunity to re think my future plans and to find something more accommodating with my family.

Yes, my big family Christmas didn’t turn out the way I had planned but I had the best time with those who are most important to me and really valued the time we had together.

Yes, we had taken a huge hit to our incomes but we are lucky enough to have the savings to keep us going and I truly believe that the Universe has our back so I’m therefore not worried.

Yes, a holiday was cancelled due to Covid but at least we are all safe and well. Holiday’s will be even more special in the future.

Yes, Dan was unable to claim furlough and it meant we didn’t have an income but look at how much precious family time we have gained instead.

Yes, I’ve been stuck in the house for nearly 8 months due to Dan’s accident and Covid and we’ve missed out on a lot of baby classes and maternity leave but I’ve got to watch Fliss grow every day. I’ve been able to give her my full attention and I’ve had the support of my amazing partner.

I chose to view the last 8 months as a truly amazing experience. I’m proud of my family and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Mindset is everything and the more we choose to see the positives the more we are allowing.

I hope this inspires you to reframe what is going on in your life.

Everyone is dealing with things but it is how we choose to deal with them and the mindset we create that gives us the future life we create.

By Coralie Tooke – Lead Success Coach

Amanda Tooke, also known as “The Angel Mystic” is a Spiritual Teacher and NLP Manifestation Coach, helping stuck, confused women create a spiritually connected and abundant life that they love. Amanda teaches them to use Universal Laws and Energy to unblock their fears and limiting beliefs that have been holding them back. Amanda is also a Natural Healer, Reiki Master, NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist,  Time Line™  Practitioner and an International Best-Selling Author who has featured on television, radio and is a columnist for Fate & Fortune Magazine.  Amanda is the creator of The MAP – Manifesting Abundance Process that she teaches in her membership club. Amanda also runs 5 * Angels in Anglesey Exclusive Spiritual Retreats, Spiritual Bootcamp plus various online programmes and 1:1 work encompassing Angels, Spiritual Development and the Universal Laws.


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