Meditation is often a big part of a good spiritual practice.

I have been a daily meditator for more years than I care to mention. (I was actually going to say how many it was but then it made me feels so old, so I will leave that out and address it another day!)

The point is, one of the things people often say to me is I am not sure I am doing meditation right.

We all know the benefits of meditation but the fact is are you doing it right?

What is right?

What are you supposed to experience or feel?

Personally, I say, meditation is like sex. Sometimes it is amazing and you want it to last forever and other times it is like ‘Come on, hurry up, I have things to do!’

I love the meditations when  you can’t feel the difference between your toes and your nose you are so out of your body. To be truthful though, that does not happen all the time. Sometimes I can think I got nothing from it (which is NEVER the case). I come off it and think – was that it?

Fact is, meditation is a practice which means you need to practise. Do it daily. Some days will be great. Some days not so great.




If you ask a question and don’t get your answer in meditation maybe it will come along to you later in the day but, trust it is all working out ok.

If you feel like you are just sat there with your eyes closed wondering what you should be doing, trust in time it will become clear.

Following guided meditation is the easiest way to start and then build up to what I call free ones where I just follow my breath and go where I need to go.

So YES you are doing it right! Just keep doing it and take the pressure off yourself.


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