6 Main Differences Between Angels and Spirit Guides


It is not surprising many get this mixed up and think their loved ones in spirit are in fact their Angels and if that works for them and gives them comfort I don’t have a problem with it.  However, I am believe there is quite a difference between the two and have created this simple list to help you understand the 6 main differences between Angels and Spirit Guides.




Angel’s main role is to keep you safe. Spirit Guides main role is to give you guidance.
Everyone has at least one Angel and up to three Angels. You can have many different guides who will come and go through out your life.
Angels have not been on the earth plane. Spirit Guides have been on earth before.
Angels need your permission to help you. Spirit doesn’t need your permission to help you.
Angels are not a loved one who has passed over. Your Spirit Guide maybe a loved one that has passed over or maybe someone you have never met before but has some expertise to share with you.
Your Angel will never leave you and stays with you all your life. Your Spirit Guide will change depending what help you are needing.


Connecting with your Angel and Spirit Guide are a lot easier than you think.  This month in Angel club we are are covering all you need to know to connect with your Spirit Guide.  You can find out more by clicking here.

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Life gets a lot easier when you start using the support from “The Upstairs”  my hope is by sharing the 6 Main Differences Between Angels and Spirit Guides you will want to start to connect.

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