More to Life Meditation Programme

£199.00 Inc VAT

More to Life is a spiritual meditation programme to help you with your development.

Included in More To Life you get:

  • A work book to guide you through
  • 8 MP3 exercises walking you through the basics of how to ground, protect & look after yourself during your daily practice.

8 Guided meditations:

  • Past Life Meditation
  • Guardian Angel Meditation
  • Higher Self Meditation
  • Spirit Guide Meditation
  • The Upstairs Meditation
  • Belief Meditation
  • Gratitude Meditation
  • Trust Meditation

These eight meditations will take you through everything from grounding and protection, connecting with your Higher Self, meeting your Angels and Guides, healing with trust, belief, gratitude, past lives and finally ‘the Upstairs’.

This are exactly the same meditations I do each day.