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If you have ever bought a journal or indeed a notepad with the intention of using it as a journal but then had no idea what to do then this is for you.

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Within this special journal that I have created, you will find help in 4 ways:

  1. Help hold yourself accountable to your daily practice.
  2. Keep you on track with your manifesting.
  3. Help with your communication with your Angel.
  4. Support your journaling and healing journey.

It is ideal to use with The Angel Mystic’s Manifesting Manual or Abundance Club.

I am an avid journal user and have been journaling for over 20 years. It feels exciting to me starting a new journal. I always start with good intentions of my best handwriting, but honestly that doesn’t last long and the scribble just starts to flow.

The fact is often I can’t read parts of my journal and that is ok, because the work and transformation happens as you write and join up the dots in your mind, especially with healing journaling section.

I know many don’t really understand what to put in a journal, so they stop before they even start. I have created a Manifesting Journal to take you through all the steps I use to manifest.  It is part of what I teach in Abundance Club and in The Angel Mystic’s Manifesting Manual.  Using your journal in this way is very powerful for your manifesting and spiritual development.

You will become empowered on your journey and heal things within you as you create your new future and bring your desires to life.

Each journal, if used every day, will last you 2 months.  It is a way to keep yourself on track and hold yourself accountable.  It gives you everything laid out daily plus space to work things through and heal in the journaling section.  Within this comprehensive journal it will keep everything in one place and most of all keep you on track with your manifesting and spiritual development.