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Angel Cards

My Angel Cards are incredibly accurate and easy to use. The simple design delivers a powerful clear message.

You will find it fun pulling a card a day to give you your daily guidance or you can do a full reading with them. They are a great way of getting messages yourself and deepening your relationship with your Angel.

You will find they are easy to shuffle and fit perfectly even in the smallest of hands, so children love them too.

They will give you the guidance you need from your Angels and their messages indicate the signs the Angels will be giving you in day-to-day life.

This bright and colourful pack of 42 cards include both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ cards, so you can get a specific answer to a question.

There is no right and no wrong with these cards, they are all about using your intuition, but as a guide each set comes with a full instruction leaflet and a meaning leaflet for each card.




  1. theangelmystic

    Hi Amanda! How’s it goin! Hope you’re well. just wanted to say that your angel cards are fab! I just love them. They always seem to make perfect sense. And it’s absolutely unbelievable sometimes. I did them yesterday, picked 3. Then shuffled again asking the same question, picked 3 again and 2 of the cards were exactly the same! I did them again tonight and one card was the same as last night, then I did it again straight away, again after shuffling for several seconds, and picked the same card again! What are the chances?! Honestly it seems to happen all the time. It’s just amazing, you’ve got me hooked! The last few times I’ve had guardian angel card, so have been talking to him/her alot! Anyway I now have tons of white feathers in front of my front door! Every time I go out there’s another one! Maybe a coinsidense but maybe not! Anyway, just had to tell you. Speak to you again soon. Jen Xxxxxxx

  2. theangelmystic

    Just wanted to say how much I love your cards, even the whole family has been using them, they are so easy to understand. Thanks for creating them. Abi Turner x

  3. theangelmystic

    Hello, my cards arrived today and they are fabulous, always struggled understand other cards but these are great. I know it will help with my connection with my Angels. Blessing Tracy.

  4. theangelmystic

    I just want to thank you for the beautiful intuitive cards. I look forward to connecting with my Angels through them. I’ve had a look through and as I was holding them, my hands started to tingle. So once again, thank you very much. Perfect size, well presented. They’re beautiful. xxxx

  5. theangelmystic

    Lindsay Mckinnon
    Hello lovely lady! I felt I had to let you know how much of a comfort your page, book,cards and downloads have been to me! I have always been interested in the “upstairs” as you so lovingly put it but always for reasons unknown to me had a very deep rooted fear that I could not explain, however in the past year I have been “opening up” to this beautiful world and very recently found out that I have infact been communicating with spirit, this came actually as a huge shock but at the same time I think I’ve always known?!?!?! Anyway these past few weeks have been extremely emotional for me but I’ve met a wonderful lady and she is helping me a lot, I met with her again yesterday and I showed her your cards and we used them with the 3 other lovely ladies that were there and oh the joy and accuracy was amazing! I have met many wonderful people on my journey so far and although I have learnt a lot from them nothing really “clicked” until I found your programmes and used your cards, sorry to go on but I felt I had to let you know how wonderful and amazing you are and how you have helped me and I have been able to help others with the using your cards, so many people like myself are “put off” by images and cards that are not familiar to them but yours are so lovely and up to date yet soooooo accurate, I am so blessed to have them, thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart! You truly are an earth angel!
    In love and light!
    Linz xxxxx

  6. theangelmystic

    The intuitive cards are brilliant -the more I use them the better they become at helping me .

    Challenges, revelations and just being spot on, I take them everywhere

    Thanks Amanda

  7. theangelmystic

    Hi Amanda, I’ve just received my angel cards this morning and I haven’t been able to put them down! They are very unique and very special and I’m having so much fun with them, thank you so much for creating them. Becks x

  8. theangelmystic

    The cards are brilliant! They have really helped and it’s scary how accurate they can be. Would definitely recommend! Thank you Amanda x Ellen Spedding

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