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Angel Cards

My Angel Cards are incredibly accurate and easy to use. The simple design delivers a powerful clear message. You will find it fun pulling a card a day to give you your daily guidance or you can do a full reading with them. They are a great way of getting messages yourself and deepening your relationship with your Angel. You will find they are easy to shuffle and fit perfectly even in the smallest of hands, so children love them too. They will give you the guidance you need from your Angels and their messages indicate the signs the Angels will be giving you in day-to-day life. This bright and colourful pack of 42 cards include both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ cards, so you can get a specific answer to a question. There is no right and no wrong with these cards, they are all about using your intuition, but as a guide each set comes with a full instruction leaflet and a meaning leaflet for each card. PLEASE NOTE – THERE IS NO VAT CHARGED ON THIS PRODUCT BUT MY SYSTEM AT THE MOMENT WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO SEPARATE OUT PRODUCTS WITH VAT AND NON VAT.