Email Readings



Sometimes you just need an answer to something specific.  Or maybe my appointment schedule doesn’t match yours.  Whatever the reason an email reading may well fit the bill.  It is a full 10 card detailed reading giving you guidance in all areas of your life – love, work, health, finances and your spiritual self. Each one is delivered within 72 hours (often a lot sooner).  You can even ask up to three specific questions if you prefer. All the guidance you need delivered into your inbox.

Purchasing your email reading is simple:

1.  Just click below to make your payment. This is via Paypal which accepts most credit and debit cards.

2.  If you want to ask up to 3 specific questions just email me them with your name to with your questions.  If you can attach a photo of you that would be great though not necessary.


Hi Amanda.  Thanks for your email. Everything you have said makes so much sense & your absolutely spot on as usual. Thanks again. Amy

Hi Amanda.  Thanks for my reading.  You are spot on about work and that came up in my last reading too as well as the reminder to meditate to connect with my angels and to tune into the answers I am seeking.  Many thanks Jackie

Hi Amanda. Sometimes people want a quick answer to a specific question and I am pleased to say that you have re-assured me a great deal by providing me with this short reading.  Thank you very much indeed.  All the very best to you.  Kind Regards. Vicky. x