Easy Business Success #2

Forget the HUSTLE in your Business,

Let’s just ALIGN then your Business can SHINE!

Learn how to align your energy and do business from a place that always feels good.  If you want an easy way to do business and get the success you want, this is for you!

I first ran this programme about a year ago with incredible results and Easy Business Success #2 is a live group programme and ready to run again, but with advanced improvements giving you even more ease and success in your business.

This programme is all about:

  • Alignment
  • Balance
  • Success
  • Going to the next level in your business.

Ease and flow all the way to give you the lifestyle you want.



  • Hustle
  • Exhaustion from trying so hard
  • Fear of not feeling good enough
  • Overwhelm
  • Procrastination.

We are in this together to find a way that works for you, remembering we are all different.  It is a self-discovery programme.  There will be no business strategies, just energy alignment so you can do business in a way to make your soul sing.


Why am I offering this?

I launched a business programme 3 years ago called BLAST – Business, Life And Success Transformation.  It is all about working on you and your business, as let’s face it, you are your business and your business is you.

It helps you connect with your Angels, understand your energy and do business in a way that is right for you. As we are never alone and there is a lot more help in business when we use Energy and Angels, everything gets a lot easier.

I am going to gift you BLAST programme totally for free as a bonus when you join up to work with me for the next 6 weeks in the group programme EASY BUSINESS SUCCESS #2.

Plus, you will get to work personally with me in the group each week.  We will have 6 meetings via Zoom, so we can all see each other and speak, where I will deliver more content on subjects such as:

  • Know your signs, so you know you are going in the right direction
  • How to get guidance
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel – use your time and content wisely
  • Know your Why and align to it
  • Pricing your way
  • How to let new clients find you
  • Breakthrough fears and blocks
  • Create routines & practices that work for you
  • Learn to focus and get results fast
  • Outcome & soulful targets
  • Play to your strengths and support your weaknesses
  • Why your business is never about the money
  • Balance and self-care
  • Making aligned offers and checking with energy
  • No more playing small. Future dreams are they big enough?

My intention is you will get all you need from this awesome programme.  Even as I am typing this up it is making every cell in my body tingle, so I know it’s going to be even better than last time and it was amazing then.  Check out this testimonial…

“Amanda is an inspiration. And her Easy Business Success Group will take you on quite a journey of evolvement, as you proceed through it. It will push many buttons in you, and some buttons that you didn’t even realise you had – all of which can be challenging, but at the same time will help you release whatever you have in the way to moving forward to setting up your business. But as you keep moving through the course, you begin to find yourself really starting to ‘get it’, and see it applied in your life and with your business, and begin to see the magical results of all of this. You will find amazing support and upliftment and help, not only from Amanda, throughout the course, but also from many of the rest of the group. The group I was with really supported each other, and helped pull each other through our challenging times.  I had no idea what to expect at the start of the course, and felt a little overwhelmed; but, by the end, I found I had more direction in which to take my business, and even found my ideas for my business were evolving and changing and growing throughout the course. And by the end of my course, all of us on it were sad it was over, as we had all bonded and wished to continue on this journey together.  Without Amanda, her amazing wisdom, experience, guidance and support, and her willingness to share all this with us, it would not have been possible. Amanda has begun something in me, in fact many things in me, that I didn’t even realise I had… and has put me on a strong path towards feeling brave enough, and empowered enough to want to, and know how to, set up my business. I started the course feeling overwhelmed, fearful, my ego resisting all these changes, struggling, and procrastinating… and I ended the course wiser, more confident, more capable, more positive and self-assured, and more enlightened with the direction to take my business; plus a whole new set of supportive friends that I had made on the course. Remove all your expectations, and just open your mind and be flexible… and the rest will follow. And don’t expect yourself to be the same by the end of the course. Fully recommend this course to anyone ready to step onto their path, willing to follow wherever The Universe will take you.”

Samantha Palmer


Easy Business Success #2

You will also have support in the Facebook group from me and the others on similar journeys to yourself. We will all be business people as it is business based.

I work with lots of clients 1:1 on their businesses and last year helped a lady sell her business for £900,000 by using energy.

I had my first business at 17 – it was a sunbed studio and salon.  I have had a successful B&B until I got ill and had to sell it.  I have had Mystic Moon since 2009.  I started this business in a recession with many telling me doing my hobby of readings would never work, but with Angels and energy, I made it work.

I have gone from being a single mum with two children to support living on benefits to the winner of ITV’s ‘May The Best House Win’. I do regular £10K months and my best was £24K.

Like all businesses, I have gone through ups and downs.   I have made mistakes and had to come back from them.

The biggest mistakes I have made have been when I listen to what others tell me.  When I listen to marketers and push myself to produce emails, blogs, funnels, ad’s etc because they tell me that is what I “should” be doing.

I have worked with high-end coaches, sat in expensive masterminds that have cost me a fortune but they didn’t work for me.  They didn’t work because they missed one big thing out.  Energy!  Energy is massive. It’s in everything we do, as everything is energy.

When I am doing things that are not aligned I get stuck, feel ill, drained, overwhelmed and I do a huge amount of procrastinating.  I feel panicky and act from that place of fear as I want things to work out.  Let me tell you that never gets good results.

The exact opposite happens when I work in an aligned way.  It’s fun, easy, flowing and so supported.  My writing flows, I produce blogs, emails and do Facebook Lives like there is no tomorrow. There is no doubt I am doing the right thing.  Opportunities arise from nowhere.  I amaze myself how simple life becomes; in fact, I often find myself saying “I can’t stop making money” when I am in alignment.  Each time I look at my bank balance it is growing.  

The sense of daily support by using my Angels and Guides is incredible.  The signs I experience feel so right, there is no doubt.  My fears drop away, I am no longer stressed, I can operate from my highest potential and life feels amazing.  

I am excited to start work each day, clients find me and I get booked out.  I also have time for everything else in my life.  Balance is restored and I can breathe again.  As I can be me and not something I am pretending to be.

I am not some high-end business strategist or marketer.  I am a woman doing what I came here to do.  To help people understand there is more to this life than what we can see.  That we can use Angels, Energy and live a fully prosperous life filled with all the abundance we want.


Is it for me?

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business it is all about finding a way to have a balanced life. About doing business your way.  About understanding yourself and aligning your energy to the outcome you want.  It also doesn’t matter what business you are in.  

You might not have started it yet but you feel ready to do that under the guidance of this programme.

It is about getting guidance for yourself.  Asking better questions, so when you are feeling stuck with problems you can see the lesson and move through it quickly, growing and learning all the time.

To feel that support so you are not doing this alone, you have Angels and your guides helping you each day.

It is for you if you want to be a spiritually abundant, wildly wealthy, successful entrepreneur, who desires a rich, balanced and prosperous life in all areas that is filled with daily ease and flow.

I have put together this programme and I have to say I am super excited about it; I know the right group of people will come together to take their lives to the next level.  Go with your intuition if it feels right come and join us.



This will be starting on Thursday 15th November.  The times will rotate each week to accommodate different time zones, as soon as you join you get added to the Facebook group where you will find all your free resources.

Then the programme runs for 6 consecutive weeks.

You can make the sessions Live or watch the replay in the Facebook group and ask questions there too.

Session times will all take between 60 to 90 minutes and run at these UK times:

  • 15th November 5 pm
  • 22nd November 2 pm
  • 29th November 7:30 pm
  • 6th December 9 am
  • 13th December 11 am
  • 20th December 1 pm



I am totally committed to you getting amazing success by doing this.  I know you can because many of my clients already have.  I will be in the group to support you which is where you ask any questions that arise from the sessions or for you personally as you progress through the programme. Don’t forget there is the BLAST Bonus programme in addition too.

I want you to have the best possible result whatever that means for you.  I want you to be posting in the group with amazement of the incredible things that are happening for you.   For that to happen you need to commit to the work, it will bring things up for you, but we are all there to work through it together in this group programme.


Easy Business Success #2 is

One off Payment $777 (£600) incl. VAT

Or, Payment plan 2 monthly payments of ($420) £325 incl. VAT 


6 X $142 (£110) incl. VAT = Total price $852 (£657)

To join us here is a link: https://easybusinesssuccess.safechkout.net/

  • Including: BONUS 1:BLAST Normally sells at £357
    BLAST worth £357 here’s a link to check it out https://theangelmystic.co.uk/blast/
  • Including: BONUS 2: 6 Weeks worth of Free Abundance Club Membership – This is my monthly private manifesting club where I share all my secrets about manifesting and it will help you manifest in all areas of your life not just business. It is normally $28 per month.
  • Including: BONUS 3: Clarity Questionnaire – one client just by completing this manifesting a £30,000 contract.

To join us here is a link: https://easybusinesssuccess.safechkout.net/


Questions you might have:

  • I am still working my job but have a dream is this right for me now?

Absolutely, it is for anyone at any stage of their business.  You will get what you need from it as it is about accessing what is inside you already.  It will serve you moving forward whatever business you are in.

  • I can’t make all the live sessions will it matter?

It’s a great question of course it is always better to join live if you can, but I have ran many different course like this and people can’t always attend live.  The main thing is you watch the replay and do the work we cover.  You can get support and ask questions in the group too as I will be in there often helping you on your journey. 

  • Can I speak to you first?

Of course, drop me an email to Amanda@mystic-moon.co.uk and we can arrange a free Skype or phone chat to answer any questions you have.

  • Can I pay via credit card?

Yes, you can pay with credit or debit card or direct into my bank if you prefer, just let me know.

  • I am currently in business but want to change it, will this help me?

Indeed, it will.  It is about doing business your way and if that means changing your business because it feels right it will totally support you with that.

  • I already have BLAST and I did it last time?

People who did it last time have applied to do it again, because they got so much from it and it gives them support and holds them accountable. There is some new content but it is always worth revisiting it again, as you will be in a different place now. I totally recommend you going over BLAST again anyway, you will hear different things from last time.