Angel Summer School

Join me for my first ever Angel Summer School.

Where you can connect with your Angels, find inner peace, ease and flow.

This is for you if:

If you want to feel more connected to your Angels.

Want to understand your guidance and signs.

Learn how to read Angel Cards.

Want to feel supported in daily life.

The greatest thing I have ever manifested is the inner peace and calm that I experience everyday.  It has come from working with my Angels and truly understanding their guidance.

It is immense the difference the Angels make, ease and flow become a daily experience.  Life really does get easier when you have your Angels working with you from parking spaces to help with big manifestations.  I have manifested 5 new homes with my Angels help and host of other things, but this course is really about the inner strength and healing Angels can give you.

Like all of my work there is nothing complicated and this 6-week programme is about getting you connected in fun easy way.


Dates & Times:

We start on Wednesday 15th August on a live Zoom call at 7.30 pm for our first introductory session with the Angels and then run every Wednesday for the 6 weeks.  Of course there is always a recording too.  There is actually a week break on 19th September as I am running my Angels in Anglesey Retreat then, so we have our final session on 26th September. Each session is approx. 1 hour long.

Here is what we are covering:


Week 1.

Angel Basics

The difference between Angels and Spirit

Meet your Guardian Angel


Week 2.

Angel Communication

Developing your connection with clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircogniance & clairsentence.


Week 3.

Connecting with the Archangels and how they can help you.

Cord Cutting.


Week 4.

Reading Angel Cards part 1


Week 5.

Reading Angel Cards part 2


Week 6.

Things you probably didn’t know the Angels could help you with.


What to do when you feel you are not being answered.

Of course there will be lots of meditations and fun along the way.


What else do you get? 

As well as getting a fabulous connection with your Angel who will transform your life

and give you a huge sense of feeling loved, cared for and totally understanding.  Plus, daily ease and flow that Angels give, you will get these amazing bonuses:

  • Enchanted Life Angel Course, my downloadable Angel course for you to work through in your own time which sell on my site at $266/£199, you get this totally for free!
  • Access to Abundance Club for the 6 weeks – (6 week membership would cost you $42/£30)
  • Support for the time we are in Angel Summer School in a Private Facebook Group – priceless


Who is this suitable for?

  • For anyone starting out learning about Angels.
  • For anyone wanting a better connection to the Angels and Archangels.
  • For anyone wanting support in getting your guidance and understanding your signs.
  • For anyone wanting to learn to read Angel cards for yourself and others or just brush up their skills.



I struggle with technology, what is involved?

Don’t worry the Angels have got you.  There is not much to understand.  For our lives each week we use Zoom it is free and simple to download to any device.  Then at the session time you just click on the link I provide you with.  You can see and hear me on camera and I can see and hear you.  Though if you are shy you can turn your camera off, but your Angels will help you if you wobble or get stuck with technology. Everything else runs in the Facebook group.

Do I need my own Angel Cards?

Yes you do.  They don’t have to be my cards they can be any type of Angel cards.  If you decide you want my deck of cards as they are very easy and accurate to use you can get mine if you want from my website.

What if I can’t make it live on the session times?

That’s ok I run many group online courses and often people don’t make it live each week, the main thing is you watch the replay. I post a link to that in the Facebook group and do the work.  Then use the group for any questions.  I can support you in there.

What dates does it run?

We start Wednesday 15th August for our first session then run every Wednesday for the 6 weeks.  The last one is 26th September when we graduate as we have a week off on 19th September to practice your new skills with a buddy.

If you have any more questions do drop me a line at


The cost of this fantastic Angel Summer School is

$328/£249 as a one off payment.

Or, payment plan spilt into 2 x $171/£130 = $342/£260