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Psychic Business Coaching for when you & your business needs some extra pizazz

Do you feel stuck and blocked in business?
Do problems just keep finding you?
Is being in business harder than it should be?
Are you not making the money you want?
Are you not sure what you are meant to be doing?

As female entrepreneur it can be a lonely. Situations occur daily when you have to make decisions it can all be overwhelming which is right direction for the success of your business.

You have many hats to wear, maybe a family to juggle too, all demands on your time and never enough hours in the day.

I will support you one-to-one and channel the guidance you need. Teach you how to develop your intuition and get guidance for yourself.

This is the deepest support you can get for the transformation of your business.  The beauty is it can all be done via phone, Skype or FaceTime so you don’t have to go anywhere to tap into all of this.

“…lots of plans for future development”

I really enjoyed working alongside Amanda, I found our sessions totally inspirational and refreshing. It was extremely helpful to have someone to work with who could introduce fresh ideas by looking at the business from a different angle. Having the opportunity to explore my interest in all things psychic within a safe and professional environment was great fun too. I completed the programme with a positive attitude and lots of plans for future development.

I have worked with Amanda for a second time and have found it just as exciting and beneficial this time round!

If you’re looking to work on another level, focus your mind, prioritise your ideas and desires, take time to reflect and look inside yourself, then Amanda is definitely your girl.

I get so much out of each session and feel the time we spend together inspires and encourages me to achieve my goals for the week, month and year ahead. It’s great to put some time aside for yourself and the long term success of your business.

Don’t just think about it, DO IT!

Lee Dancy, Barbon

Why do I do this work?

As a soulful entrepreneur you are your business and everything is energy.  So if you are feeling stuck and blocked in any area of your life it will have a detrimental effect on your business and can affect the success you have.

Whether you have premises or work from home, often the energy needs clearing.  Whatever, has gone on in there before will affect what is going on now.  If previously there has been arguments with you or even past business failings with others they will all lie within the property and that needs clearing so it does affect you.

Residual energy is easy to clear and something I can do for you remotely, plus teach you how to keep on top of it.

When we work for ourselves it can often feel lonely but I am here to tell you that you are not on your own, it’s impossible.  We have Angels and Guides waiting to connect with you, to support you in all areas of your life including your business.

We often use a VA or a PA but you have an AA – Angel Assistant ready, willing and able to help you.  I can show how easy it is to connect and more importantly receive their guidance daily in your business so you never need to feel alone again.

I work with what I call the POWER OF THREE.  This is the ABC for a Spiritually Abundant Life.

A = Angels – We all have them and they give you the inner strength, peace and give you a feeling of control on a daily basis.

B = Beliefs – This is about using Law of Attraction and clearing limiting beliefs.  Finding new beliefs that will serve you better and give you the success you deserve.

C = Connections – When we use Law of Attraction we need to follow inspired guidance, when we don’t know if it is us our ego or “The Upstairs” you have no way of knowing when it is guidance or not.

My work will guide you through all this and give you a simple, clear understanding so you can use it daily yourself in all areas of your life.

I understand the difference Angels can make in your life and I believe Law of Attraction works and will show you how you can make it work for you.

When you do this you receive emotional support, clear your blockages and feel connected, which this leads to your dreams really coming true. When you are in alignment this happens fast, almost instantly – this is why most clients see results from the first session.

Within our sessions I do remote spiritual healing.  I can heal physical and emotional issues but all so clear blocks and limiting beliefs so I can align you to your goals easily.

I am so passionate about my work because the Angels have turned my life around. I found my Angels when I was going through my divorce. They got me through one of the worst periods in my life. They kept me going, and gave me the help I needed just to get through each day and to hold it together for my children. Piecing my life back together, getting a new job and bringing me the finances I needed. There were some really dark days back then and I know my Angels saved me and brought me through them.

Since then I have moved on and using Angels, Law of Attraction and Spiritual Connections it has given me the business success and opportunities I wanted.

I want this for you. I want you to know that you have a whole host of help waiting to support you. Angels, Spirit Guides, Helpers, Spirit People, the list is long. Nothing spooky or scary, no ghost hunts, just living in harmony with Spirit for an easier and supported life. Understanding your own energy and how you work. Developing your intuition and feeling connected, alive and excited about life.

Combine Angels and Law of Attraction and boy you get powerful manifestations that happen really fast. Whatever you want to manifest – new love, work, money, health – it is all possible and easier than you think.

Your Angels have been with you since day one and they know everything about you and still love you unconditionally. We are no Angels; they know we came to earth for lessons. When you tap into this, you have all the support you could possibly want to create a life you have only dreamed about.

I went from living in an ex-council house to living in an amazing 16th Century Farm House with 3 acres of land that won ITV’s May The Best House Win.

my-houseIt took me two weeks to manifest my dream car – My Range Rover Evoque.

All the materialistic stuff is fab, but the sense of peace and ease I have in my life is priceless. This is why I do what I do. I want you to experience this support. I want to work you so you can step up, shine, and live your potential. So that you have a life you love and bounce out of bed in the morning excited about what lies ahead because you know you are in charge of your own destiny.

Life is too short not to be enjoying it. So, if this is calling out to you. If you think yes I want this, I want to feel the support of my ‘Upstairs’. I want to find my life’s purpose and start making money easily.  Let’s talk.

Perhaps you have fears that you might be turned into some ‘woo woo’ hippy chicky dippy do dar!

Fear not, my work is down to earth, practical, fun and easy to understand but don’t take my word for it.

“…I have the power to change my entire life, it really works.”

Having only had a few sessions with Amanda over Skype, I began to really observe the limiting beliefs which were keeping me from having what I truly desired and wanted in my life. Through her program, I have become so aware of my thought patterns and I am now actively working on changing my thoughts and therefore now realize I have the power to change my entire life, it really works. I feel I have finally ‘got it’. Speaking to Amanda over Skype every two weeks has been invaluable for me to help me re-focus and keeping me on track when life has thrown me sideways. She is extremely intuitive and sent me a small note to check I was ok, when she very correctly felt I was having a wobble. Amanda – You are a rock and truly inspirational.

Emma, Switzerland

People work with me for lots of reasons, here are some of them:

I was struggling to cope with a personal issue this was affecting my business.
I was in the position of having separated from my husband and needed to earn more money in my business to support my family.
I was launching a new business and needed help with focus and clarity. Learning to manifest the success I wanted.
I was feeling stuck in my business and had just fell out of love for it.
I was just attracting so much bad luck and negative energy.
I was struggling since I moved premises everything kept going wrong.
I need something different this was my last chance to earn the money I desperately needed.

“…her teaching style is fun and enjoyable…”

Amanda has taught me many things and I am so grateful to her for teaching me all about manifesting and the law of attraction. She is an amazing person and a delight to work with on so many levels. I can fully recommend working with Amanda, be it for enlightenment, guidance or learning more about how to connect with your angels and the upstairs – her teaching style is fun and enjoyable as well as reflective. I look forward to continuing to work with Amanda and develop myself more.

Vicky Winstanley, Lancaster

Whilst my 1:1 clients work with me for lots of reasons and they all get results seeing a difference fast.

My success is your success and I am totally committed to that.

How the sessions work:

SONY DSCBefore each session I prepare by making connection to ‘The Upstairs’, tuning into you and getting ready.

This means I am up to speed before you even make contact.

Each session is crafted around your needs, we are working on the whole of you as an entrepreneur this is so important.   So whatever is going on for you, that is exactly ok we will deal with it.

There is no plan as such but the intention is always set that you will get exactly what you need in each session and the whole programme. So whatever twists and turns you encounter in life, you can rest assured that they will all be addressed in the sessions and you will receive the support you need.

I can easily tap into your energy and sense what it going on.  I know what lights you up as I will receive guidance upon exactly that, so finding out what you should be doing is natural and easy.

In the healings I can see you blocks and will remove them energy wise.  We will also work together in meditations, visualisations and affirmations keeping you aligned.

There will be homework to keep you on track but it all fits into busy lives.

“…proving to be ‘mind blowingly’ helpful to me…”

I am currently enjoying a one-to-one programme of development which is proving to be ‘mind blowingly’ helpful to me.  I really didn’t know I had all this to tap into. I have to say that since meeting you Amanda and engaging in this programme, your down to earth approach and humour have lightened my life! I am delighted to be continuing my journey with your support and have no hesitation in recommending your Programme to anyone interested in furthering their development.

Gayle Bell, Sunnyside Therapies, Cumbria

How I Work

I am a natural healer, psychic and Reiki Master but you don’t need any of these skills to do this for yourself. I have always felt incredibly fortunate and blessed to do this work, especially as I find it so easy. Channelling information is effortless for me and it is what I will do in our sessions. I can see your blockages and self-sabotaging behaviours, so can help you to clear them fast.

Sure you will have me in our sessions, but as I am an open channel to your Angels and Spirit, you will find they respond and talk through me. You will always know when it is Spirit as my voice goes very croaky.

Whilst I also trained in Person Centred Counselling, I can’t tell you how many times I have thought that I have no idea what I am going to say. On these occasions I have learnt to step out of the way and let ‘The Upstairs’ talk through me. So as we work intuitively in each session, you will have me, and a whole host of guidance and support from ‘The Upstairs’.

This programme is for you if you:

Want to work personally one to one and feel fully supported.
Want to get support from me between sessions via email Monday to Friday.
Are ready to try some new mindset practices.
Want to know that you have someone to turn to when you are having problems.
Want to be held accountable in achieving your goals.
Feel at a crossroads and need some direction.
Feeling tired and drained, need a pick up to get you going again.

“…you have helped me turn my life around”

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help over the past few months; you are truly amazing. I cannot believe I have been one of your easiest clients (what with all the fun that goes on in my head!) but you have made the journey fun and extremely productive. All my life I have searched to know my life’s purpose and you managed to draw that out of me without any effort – incredible. I look forward to our sessions and always have fun, whilst at the same time achieving fantastic results. I can’t wait to see what the next few months have in store. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – you have helped me turn my life around and at last I feel I am pointing in the right direction – phew!! I love your honesty, your integrity, your commitment to your clients and your sense of fun.

Heather, Kendal

12 Week 1:1 Psychic Business Coaching

To accompany our work together you get my comprehensive downloadable BLAST Programme for Business Life And Success Transformation.


Valued at £597 to support you in your transformation.  It uses the Power of Three, your Angels, Law of Attraction and your own Spiritual Development to help you create the life you want.


You can listen to the modules and read all in your own time whilst working 1:1 with me. It gives you:


  • 130 minutes of MP3 Audio to listen to in your own time.
  • Full extensive manual with worksheets.
  • Six modules complete with exercises and worksheets
  • A detailed questionnaire to get you clear on your business and your goals.
  • Specially created ‘to do’ lists to keep you accountable.

Your FREE Bonuses

As well as getting BLAST you get:


  • Exclusive access to the private B.L.A.S.T. forum in the Facebook group where you can contact me and others on the programme, get support, post your amazing achievements, and get accountability. I am regularly active in the group to support you and post extra juicy nuggets too! This is priceless, you never know who you will connect with in the group.
  • Plus an exclusive live recording of my online Angel Awareness Programme totally FREE…as a bonus.
  • BLAST includes

You and your goals – and stepping into your personal power
Removing the blocks to success
How to make the impossible possible
Building the environment for success
Using your Angel Assistant
Getting energy, language and manifesting to work for you and your business
Developing and using your business intuition
New ways to work with traditional business concepts
Ways of achieving new levels of business success

This is the most healing version of my Psychic Business Coaching I have ever offered.

Start your transformation today by investing in yourself. Imagine what business could be like in the next 12 weeks.

For an investment of £3500 you get:

6 x 60 minute sessions one-to-one with me.
Notes and recordings of each session.
BLAST Programme
Access to the forum, which in itself is priceless.
Email support from me (Monday to Friday) whilst you are on the programme.
Distance Healing in our sessions whilst you are on the programme.


Easy Payment Available


The first payment is prior to our first session, when you also get your programme and invite to the forum.
The second payment is 30 days later.
The third payment is 60 days later.

I would like to thank you for the 12 weeks we have worked together. You have been supportive and very understanding of my challenges and moving forward. We have laughed and been serious when needed. The tools you have shared with me I can keep in my tool box forever and have learnt so much more than I thought I already knew. It was great to see that my life wheel from the beginning to the end was now so much more stable! My moving on from my relationship and allowing more money to flow into my life has been changed for sure. Thank you again and anyone looking to work with Amanda I would highly recommend.

Christina Young | www.christinayoung.co.uk, www.go2thrive.com

Maybe you are still not sure if Psychic Business Coaching is for you. That’s ok, why don’t we schedule a chat with no obligation to check we are a match?

I won’t commit to working with anyone unless I know I can fully support them, but you have to feel comfortable too. In my free discovery session we will look at where you need help.

If I believe I can help you I will offer you a place and then it is down to you if you want to join.  I have some places coming soon.

To schedule your call just drop me an email at info@mystic-moon.co.uk

My Promise – whilst this work can’t come with any guarantee, as it is a journey of discovery and knowledge that needs to be implemented, it does come with my promise of how seriously I take my work. I don’t like to overfill my diary, that way I can have enough time and energy to give each of my clients my absolute best. So if you are committed, I know I can fully support you on your journey to success.