Simply Divine – 21 Day Manifesting Programme

£199.00 Inc VAT

Are you a woman struggling to manifest, as the only time you seem to get to yourself is the five minutes in the shower in the morning?  Even then someone usually shouts you!

I’m willing to bet you’ve seen all the people transforming their lives on social media with manifesting, yet here are you stuck in the manifesting overwhelm cycle and no idea how to change it.

If so, I can help.  I have already helped hundreds if not thousands of women change their life for the better.  I know you don’t have time to invest in a big programme with lots of things to do.  It feels like you need a miracle fix and in 21 days you can have one with Simply Divine.

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Each day there will be a short video to watch to align your energy to your desires and help you manifest in a simply divine way.

Manifesting doesn’t need to be hard and forced this Simply Divine Manifesting Course will break down what has been standing in your way, so you can become a powerful manifester.

All delivered to do at your own time, something you can do time and time again when you want give yourself a boost or get yourself back on track.  Something just for you that will not push you over the overwhelm button.

Day 1 – Learn to co-create with the Universe and set yourself up for success.

Day 2 - Awaken your Divine Feminine to create that goal you have always had.

Day 3 – Learn to lean on your inner man to take action on your desires.

Day 4 – Start to make room to receive the things you have always wanted.

Day 5  - Understand how to clear your negative beliefs, knowledge is power.

Day 6 – Learn the beauty in surrender so your desires manifest in the most magical way.

Day 7- Connect with Your Guidance so you know what to do.

Day 8 – Feel connected and grounded in your favourite place, so answers just pop up.

Day 9- Allow yourself to trust it is all working out so you can manifest faster.

Day 10 – Learn to be happy now, it is always about the journey not the destination.

Day 11 – Understand how to give, so you can receive.

Day 12 – Balance your energy and become high vibe.

Day 13 – Learn to flip your funk.

Day 14 – Smash your resistance so nothing can stop you.

Day 15 – See how powerful you really are.

Day 16 – Understand the lessons you have missed.

Day 17 – Releasing the guilt of wanting more.

Day 18 & 19 – Tap into your guidance, making sure you are on track.

Day 20 – Being open to receive.

Day 21 – Enjoying the manifestation.