Angels, Psychic Games, Reading and Fun. The most insightful party night in you can get.

2 types of party nights
Free gift worth £30 for host/ess
All guest have mini 1:1 readings
Party prices for Mystic Moon products available on the night

If you live within an hour of me I can come to you to give you a night in with a difference.

Forget Ann Summers parties, this is a night on a whole new vibration!  As featured in The Sun Newspaper.

All delivered in my quirky, fun style.  With two style of parties you and your friends can find out what Psychic abilities you have or how easy it is to connect with your Angels.

Plus received channelled guidance direct from your Angels with a mini 1:1 reading with me.

What is an Angel Party?

A relaxing, tranquil, insightful night in.

The great thing is  you have Angels ready, willing and able to help you with everything; emotional and practical support like you have never imagined.

However, they can’t help you unless you ask.

So within an Angel Party I will be giving you lots of information how you can use your Angel in your day to day life.  Then we will do a short connection exercise where you can meet your Guardian Angel and may well learn their name.  Plus lots of time to ask any questions you have.

When you connect with your Guardian Angel, they give you such a wonderful feeling of love, after all they love you unconditionally. You feel cared for, safe and protected. They will never let you down and they have been waiting all your life to be given a chance to help.

As well as giving you emotional support and inner strength when you need it, they will also give you real practical help from parking spaces, to green traffic lights. To be honest. there is nothing they can’t help you with.

You will be learning how to tap into this for yourself in a really easy way.

After the Angel information at the start of the evening then we will do the 1:1 readings in another room whilst you all play with Angel cards and other things I bring along.

What is an Psychic Party?

This is often a more lively night as we often have more psychic ability than we give ourselves credit for, so you may well be surprised.

Within a psychic party we will be testing out your abilities by playing some fun psychic games like:

  • Eye Spy With My Clairvoyant Eye
  • Psychic Pass The Parcel
  • Telepathy
  • Human Pendulum
  • Angel Cards
  • Dowsing Rods

Once we have finished the games I will leave you to continue playing, whilst I do the 1:1 mini readings in another room.

How much does it cost?

If you live within an hour of me near Settle, North Yorks it is £25 pp with a minimum of 10 people.

I will travel further but extra cost will be involved.

Again, if there is less that 10 please enquire for an exact price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything scary going to be going on?

Let me reassure you I only work with the light.  There is no inviting scary spirits in and I won’t be leaving anything bad with you.

The guidance is always positive and for the highest good of all.

Can we have full readings instead of mini?

Within each party each guest gets a mini 1:1 reading with me which takes approx 10 minutes.  If you want full readings it may be possible, but there is additional charge. Sometimes they can be done prior to the start of the party if there is a lot of them as they take 30 minutes.  Please enquire.

What do I get as host/ess?

As a gift for hosting the parting I offer you a goodie bag to the value of £30.

What about refreshments?

As the host/ess you want to enjoy the evening too.  So make it as simple as possible for yourself.  At the most drinks and nibbles is sufficient.  All I ask is that if you want to do food please serve it whilst I am doing the mini readings as so not to interrupt the group entertainment.

Can we drink alcohol?

Yes, after all it is a party.  However, if too much alcohol is consumed I will refuse to read for that person as “mixing spirits” goes against my strict code of spiritual practices.  The reason is honestly, as if we are drunk and connecting we can invite dark energies in, that is something I do not want to be part of.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, £5 per person is required to make your booking.  Paid via Paypal or direct into my account.  It is advisable for you to collect it from each person when they accept your invite as sometimes once it get’s round to the evening people may drop out.  If they have paid a deposit the are less likely to mess you about and stop others that could have had their place.

The remained of the money needs to be collected by yourself on the evening whilst I do the 1:1 readings.  However, if your guests want to buy extra products on the night I will help you sort that out.

Can we buy products from you?

Yes, I will be bringing some stock with me and selling it at party prices so savings to be made.  Please advise your friends to bring extra cash with them too.

How can we pay on the night?

Cash is the preferred payment method.  Though if you have internet access guests can pay via Paypal by making a payment direct on the evening.

How long does a party last?

On average I arrive at 6.45 pm and we start the party at 7pm.  With approx 10 people we are finished by 10 pm, but all will be confirmed on your booking.

How many rooms do I need?

We need 2 rooms, one for us all to sit in to do the first part of the party and a second for the 1:1 readings somewhere quieter without interruptions e.g. another lounge, dining room or bedroom is fine.

Do I need any special equipment?

The first part of the part requires us to all sit down together, sofas, extra chairs or floor as long as your guests don’t mind is ok we can squeeze in. I will also require a small table to set up some things on too in the main room.

I am not within an hour travel time can I still have a party?

If you are not within an hour of Settle, North Yorkshire LA2 8AT please contact me to discuss it further.

We haven’t got 10 people but really want a party

Sometimes there are ways round this please contact me to discuss it.

We have over 10 people or want to do a public event

Again this may be possible so please contact me.

How to Book

Once you have asked a few friends and got an idea of numbers please contact me and I will let you know my availability.

As a guide I do Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.

Please be aware the parties are very popular and do get booked up in advance.

Contact Me:

You can email me at

I just want to thank Amanda for coming all the way up to Sunderland to host a Angel party for me. What a fabulous night we had the girls love the psychic games and the 1 to 1 readings. It was fun and we all had a good laugh. So thank you again Amanda.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone as it is a fantastic night with friends and your Angels.  Book yourself a party with Amanda you will not be disappointed xxx

Shelley Harle, Sunderland

I met Amanda at an Angel Party and realized my life without Angels is a lonely and empty one. On this programme I connected with my Guardian Angel. I found she is there for me every day, the difference it has made is incredible. When times are bad she is there helping me to cope and gets me through. I am forever finding white feathers and penny’s. I know they are off my Angels. If I need a parking place I ask and it’s unbelievable how things just seem to happen. It is so reassuring just knowing that my Angel is there for me. All the little unexplainable things just slot in to place now. Thank you Amanda my Wonderful Angel Lady.

Allie U.K.