Attract Your Ideal Partner The Angels Way

  • Do relationships keep failing?
  • Does history keep repeating itself?
  • Do your relationships start off well and then all end up the same?
  • Do you want to attract a new loving relationship?
  • Are you sick of being single?
  • Are you looking for love but fear it will never come?

Don’t worry, in my Attraction programme we will look at how you can heal from past relationships and manifest a new one with your perfect partner.

You will learn to use the simple principles of Law of Attraction combined with your Angel’s support to help you emotionally so that you can easily manifest the love you desire.

There is someone for everyone and yet it can seem so hard to find the perfect match. You might have been on your own a long time and almost resided yourself to a single life. Or just out come out of a difficult relationship breakdown and know you can do this on your own.

It can feel scary and lonely but it doesn’t need to be

Imagine feeling support from your Angels whilst you work through some essential healing, so you can get yourself in the right place to attract the love you deserve.

What Attraction covers:

What is manifesting and does it work?
How to manifest love with your Angels?
The language the Universe understands
Learn how to visualize to create your ideal partner faster
Work with self love
Increase self-esteem and confidence
Understand the importance of gratitude
Establish and clear your limiting beliefs and blockages
Heal from past relationships and cut cords
Work with un-conditional love
Learn to forgive so you can set yourself free
Get really clear on what you want from a new relationship
Prepare your home ready for love

Does this all sound too easy?

It is easy and amazing to work with your Angels and to create whatever you desire in life.  Love is easily achievable when you start really loving and valuing yourself.

Your Angels’ love is unconditional.  When you come to understand this and experience it, your love for yourself grows. When that happens, law of attraction kicks in as like attracts like.

So if you love and value yourself and you will attract someone who loves and values you.

Start today and your new love can be with you tomorrow

My Attraction programme is downloadable in a PDF form (approx. 5200 words)

Filled with everything you need to heal from your past relationships and attract your new one.

It has thought provoking questions throughout to make you really clear on what has happened, why and how to move forward to get what you really want in your next relationship.

As soon as you purchase you get an email with a link to download the programme material.

You can buy now by clicking the button below:

$117 (approx £85)

Start this new exciting chapter in your life

My Angels are looking after me. I have met a lovely guy after doing your programme, I got exactly what I order. It is early days, but I can’t believe how quick it worked. Thank you, Amanda I couldn’t have done it without your help. Rebecca Dawson

You don’t have to do this alone

BONUS: You get one free month Abundance Club membership


Abundance Club is my private manifesting club where you have access to more of my manifesting secrets. You can ask questions, share your abundance windfalls and get support. It is so beneficial mixing with like-minded people.

You can meet others that are doing my programmes, get support from them and me as I am regularly in the private Facebook group answering your questions.

Please note: Your subscription to Abundance Club means you become an exclusive member of my club, where lots of people hang out with me and learn how to manifest with their Angel’s help. If you don’t completely love it you can cancel Abundance Club at any moment, just email Otherwise you can stay in the Club for as long as you want, as your Club membership will continue automatically after your free month has ended, at $28/month until you cancel.

Easy to read and follow Amanda! I’ll let you know when to get your hat ready 🙂 fabulous thanks! Suzy

Imagine how life would be to have a partner who you loved as much as they loved you and you could share the rest of your life with.

You can buy now by clicking the button below:

$117 (approx £85)