Enchanted Life Angel Programme
Connect with your Guardian Angel so you can feel relaxed, supported, confident, safer & stronger - like living in heaven on earth.
  • Are you in need of support?
  • Are you searching for peace?
  • Are you needing some inner strength?
  • Are you are sick of struggling?

I have good news for you. You have an Angel ready, willing and able to help you with everything; emotional and practical support like you have never imagined.

However, they can’t help you unless you ask. I want to show you how easy it is to get this support in your life.

You can learn all about this in my Enchanted Life Angel Programme.
What can an Angel help you with?
When you connect with your Guardian Angel, they give you such a wonderful feeling of love, after all they love you unconditionally. You feel cared for, safe and protected. They will never let you down and they have been waiting all your life to be given a chance to help.

As well as giving you emotional support and inner strength when you need it, they will also give you real practical help from parking spaces, to green traffic lights. To be honest. there is nothing they can’t help you with.

Though they will only work for the highest good of all concerned. The unconditional love they surround you with, makes you more loving and accepting of yourself and others.
Get the support you need
Life isn’t supposed to be so hard, it is supposed to be supported, filled with joy and harmony. If you have not connected with your Angels yet, you are in for a real treat.

I have not yet met one person who has not experienced the benefits of using them in everyday life. Life flows with easy when you start connecting with your Guardian Angel.

Imagine getting to the end of your life and looking back realizing how much easier it all could have been if you have learnt to lean on your Angels for support.
Understand your signs
This Enchanted Life Angel Programme will explain your Angel has been with you from day one and waiting to help you every step of the way. They are giving you signs, maybe little white feathers or synchronicities trying to get your attention.

This Angel course will explain all about this so next time you get a sign you will understand what it means.

The inner peace comes from deep within knowing your Angels have your back, whatever comes along in life.

The strength they give you is incredible, it honestly feels like magic they way they intervene in your life.
What is the
Enchanted Life Angel Programme
Everything I deliver in this authentic Angel programme is what I have channelled direct from the Angels. You will find it easy to understand, practical and grounded.

It is my most extensive version. All professionally recorded so you can learn how to connect with your Angels and Archangels from the comfort of your own home. Filled with all the information, exercises and meditations you need to help you connect.

Your Angels are waiting to connect with you now, there is nothing complicated about working with them.

You can meet your Guardian Angel and can invite your Angels to connect with you daily and make your life run smoother.
You don’t need any special gifts

Working with your Angels is honestly so simple, it doesn’t require any Psychic ability or special gifts.

Everyone has an Angel and yours is waiting to help you now.

There is no long drawn out rituals, no hours of meditation, everything fits into the busiest of lives.

Once you start connecting all you need to do is trust what you are receiving.

I thought I was going mad!
I have been connecting daily with my Angels since 2000 when I was going through my divorce. I can remember thinking I was going mad asking these invisible realms for help, but life was so hard then I was willing to give anything a try.

I didn’t have anyone else to discuss this with, the signs I were getting I was really unsure about.

Slowly and surely the trust grew, my Angels never let me down. They delivered all I needed and more.

My programme will give you the easy version of connecting with tried and tested ways. I have been teaching this to others since 2009 and it always gets results.
Enchanted Life Angel Programme Includes:
My programme delivers all you need to know in six sessions downloadable as MP3; giving you information and exercises so you can take it all at your own speed. It comes complete with a PDF manual too.

I recommended that you do each of the exercises, taking the time to journal over the next 24 hours, before commencing the next one. Although everyone communicates differently with ‘The Upstairs’ as I call it, and it is most important to do whatever you feel is right for you.

These sessions will lead you to connect with the Angels to enhance you daily life, and you will hear real life stories from both me and others I have worked with. I will gently guide you into meditations and other simple exercises so you can make connections with your Angels for yourself.

I also cover troubleshooting and what to do when you feel the Angels are not answering as this happens to us all from time to time.
Start connecting with your Angels today
"Since doing Amanda’s Angel Awareness it has made complete sense of all the signs I have been getting, up to then I didn’t realise they were messages from my Angels. I totally enjoy it, being able to talk about things openly, getting the answers I have needed for so long. I love the simple way Amanda delivered the information, she makes it fun and easy to understand."

Pauline Thomas, Dorset
In the programme you will learn:

💜 What are Angels and Spirit?
💜 Amanda’s journey
💜 Protection and grounding
💜 Journalling
💜 How to ask your Angel to help you?
💜 How to hear your Angel’s answers?
💜 Your Guardian Angel’s name
💜 Meeting your Guardian Angel
💜 How to meditate
💜 Meeting your Guardian Angel meditation

💜 Angels and travel
💜 Caring for the soul
💜 Angel cards
💜 Coping with negativity
💜 Troubleshooting
💜 What to do when you feel you are not being answered
💜 Archangels
💜 Archangel healing meditation
💜 Cord cutting 

💜 Moving forward and what to expect

This is all down to earth, fun, practical information. You don’t need to be “woo woo” to work with your Angels.

I recommend you have a journal, or pen or paper to hand to work through the exercises. If you don’t like writing, don’t let that stop you as you can record the exercises on a recording device such as a mobile phone or video.

"I wholeheartedly recommend the “Enchanted Life” programme! I learned so much more about the Angels and techniques for better communication with them. Your down to earth explanations make connecting so much easier to understand and to put into action. I feel I am hearing and feeling so much more from “The Upstairs” now."

Linda, U.S.A.

Make life easier for yourself
Your Angel is waiting to connect with you, waiting to smooth out the red carpet for you to guide down and make heaven really feel like it is on earth.

My life without Angels was a lonely and empty one. On this programme I connected with my Guardian Angel. I found she is there for me every day, the difference it has made is incredible. When times are bad she is there helping me to cope and gets me through. I am forever finding white feathers and penny’s. I know they are off my Angels. If I need a parking place I ask and it’s unbelievable how things just seem to happen. It is so reassuring just knowing that my Angel is there for me. All the little unexplainable things just slot in to place now. Thank you Amanda my Wonderful Angel Lady.

Allie, U.K.

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