You Are Enough

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You Are Enough

Do you ever do something and wonder afterwards why? That’s what happened to me when I booked myself onto a drum making workshop.

I have been interested in Shamanic practices for a while and when I saw a Drum Birthing Workshop advertised in my old hometown it caught my eye.  Next thing I knew I had booked on, totally skimming over the words Drum Birthing Workshop and announced to everyone I was going to make my own drum.

I never gave it another thought till I attended that morning and began to wonder what I had got myself in to.  I had given little thought to the skin of the red deer and how that might make me feel. Little thought to how the process of the drum making might be. I just felt compelled to do it and I had acted upon it.


Giving Birth

So now I found myself sitting at a table with a wet deerskin and frame for the drum. I had to admit I wondered what I had got myself into at this point.

We were told by the tutor it was called a Drum Birthing Workshop as it was like a labour. Boy, she was not wrong. The tutor had performed a ritual earlier and connected to the spirit of the drum I was making. She wouldn’t tell me any more than that only that it was quite special.  She also said, as we were working on making the drum, things might come up for us and we were just to talk about it.  There was a small group of us all following the instructions one step at a time.

First was to prepare the frame and connect to the message of the drum by journeying. We then wrote this message on the frame. My message was “YOU ARE ENOUGH”.

Wow, that gave me goosebumps as I had been reflecting on that earlier in the week and having some doubts within myself. It is also something I look at within my 1:1 sessions with my clients as it can be a real block from time to time not feeling good enough, clever enough, attractive enough. I am sure you have suffered from the 'not enough' syndrome from time to time, it can be paralysing.  So you can imagine my delight when I discovered this message.  I think I probably needed to hear it at this point to get me through the labour of making this drum, as it was certainly that.


A Lesson In Patience

We started laying out the skin and then punching holes in it. These had then to be laced onto the frame and this is where the complexity and labour started. It sounds really easy but it wasn’t. Getting the lacing correct was a task in itself. Then the physical hard work of stretching the lacing on over the frame and getting all tight enough was exhausting.

What went on whilst we were doing this was quite incredible. Some drums were deer like mine, some were horse.  The people making the horse drums, went hoarse in their throats, things were coming up for people. There were tears and emotions were high. Who would have thought making a drum would have been like this, certainly not me?

I got my lacing wrong twice and had to start again each time. It was a lesson in patience and asking for help, allowing others to help me, for sure.  It was a labour of love and the tutor explained at the end you will feel so connected to your drum and I thought really? It was quite honestly grossing me out right now all this wet hide slapping around the place.

Eventually, it was complete and we were all excited to start banging our drum. We were not allowed though as yet more patience was required for a few days whilst they all dried.


A Huge Surprise

We did a final journey to meet the Spirit Guide of the Drum and the purpose of it.

This totally took me by surprise. I am so used to meeting Angels and Archangels when I saw this huge bright light appearing I naturally thought it was an Archangel as they are so much bigger than Guardian Angels, but it changed and all bright colours came forward.

I got the message my drum was a healing drum and then the Spirit of the Drum appeared. It was the most enormous Native Indian Chief wearing a magnificent headdress and with brightly coloured feathers adorning him.  He told me I could call him Chief and the message was “I am enough”.

It blew me away I have never seen spirit as large as an Archangel before, it was incredible. The tutor asked me what I got and I told her and she said that was exactly what she had got earlier for me.  It was so special and in an instant, I loved my drum. I wanted to dress it up and make it colourful like Chief.  That is exactly what I did when it was all dried and ready I decorated it representing Chief and all his finery.

I now use the drum in meditation and healings with clients and for myself. It sounds amazing and it hangs proudly in my home, and to think I thought I was just making a drum. It ended up being far more than that.

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