Why You Procrastinate And How To Stop It!

Procrastination is huge in life and in business. It’s the number one block. We have all done it. I know myself I can procrastinate when I am not sure. When I am dithering, yes and no goes round and round in my head. I become paralyzed with it all and end up doing nothing.

The thing is it doesn’t go away, even when you distract yourself with something else it sneaks back in and starts again, you start wondering should I or shouldn’t I?

You might even ask others for advice, do some research and still, you are no closer to making a decision.

Time is slipping by and this energy of uncertainty builds, holding you back in other areas too because it has the ripple effect. It all becomes too much and your dreams get further and further away from you, till you may as well turn your back on them all together.


Why You Do It

There is usually a fear behind it all. Maybe a fear of failing or even succeeding. The fear of making the wrong decision. What if you get it all wrong?

Procrastination is hesitation with knobs on, it’s great way to delay yourself from doing what you don’t know what do to, or should I say, don’t feel aligned to do.

You will do anything but what you are supposed to be doing. The hours you can lose on scrolling on Social Media, doing the tidying, the washing, walking the dog, staring aimlessly into space, anything but doing “that” that you are “supposed” to be doing.

Maybe you are scared you will get it wrong, you don’t really know what to do, you are so damn overwhelmed….aargh!

The more you don’t do anything the more it consumes you, it is a vicious circle.


How To Stop Procrastination

When you make decisions following your guidance, making sure you are aligned to the outcome, you can’t get it wrong and you certainly can’t procrastinate, it’s impossible.

When you are working with your Spirit Team, your Angels, and energy in business and in life, you never experience that.

You are not doing this alone you see. None of it. You might not be able to see the invisible realms but that doesn’t stop you feeling them and working with them.

When you do, you work in alignment, you work with support, you are being guided every step of the way. Ease and flow become part of everyday life. Synchronicities occur and magic lights you up.

You can’t feel stuck, you are excited to put into action the guidance you have received. You haven’t got time to scroll on Social Media and stare aimlessly into space because you have an empire to build, people to serve and money to make.

Here’s a quick tip to help with your procrastination, one I share with my clients:

Next time you are feeling stuck and procrastinating, say out loud or in your head: 5,4,3,2,1.

Once you have counted down take some action – move stand up, get up but do something.


I hope you enjoyed that.  Why not download my Manifesting With Your Guardian Angel meditation, it’s Free!


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