Where Is Your Place To Connect?


We all have it don’t we, our favourite place to connect. Maybe you don’t call it ‘connect’ maybe for you it is your place to clear your head, where you can think, where you get all your good ideas.

You see, I believe when we give ourselves space in our heads this is when we get our good ideas. They are like light bulb moments. You have no idea where they come from but they excite you in every cell of your body. You know they are right.

For me, it is when I am in water usually swimming or in my hot tub. I get clarity and all my good ideas. It is my space to clear my head, chat to my Angels and I generally leave feeling connected and supported and with a clear plan.

We all have different places – it might be in nature, driving, in the shower.



Recently I hadn’t swum for 2 weeks as I was away and I felt so disconnected. Decisions were hard, I wasn’t feeling the love for anything. I was unsure what to do in moving forward with my business. What was my next offering going to be?

Thankfully Monday came around and for me Monday is a swim day. I was rushed because I couldn’t be bothered getting up early, I even debated not going for a swim. At the last minute, I decided to go, even though I was only going to be in the water for 20 minutes.

What a mistake that could have been but thankfully I trusted what felt right and rushed to get there.


Back In The Flow

As soon as I was in that water it felt amazing. Wham!  All the guidance flowed. All the good ideas came and it felt incredible.

My business is spiritually based but even if it wasn’t I couldn’t have had the success I have had if I didn’t understand my connections and guidance.

You have these connections too. We all do.  Download my Free Manifesting With Your Guardian Angel meditation and start your connections today.



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