Signs Are Everywhere


Signs are everywhere and sometimes we miss them.  The other day a fly hit me on my nose just before I went Live on Facebook.  When I came off the Live I had to look up the meaning as I knew there must be a message.  


On this occasion, I took to Google and did a search and the message I found made complete sense.  It said:


Let go of old self-doubts and self-defeating habits. Know that your dreams are within your reach – you deserve it!


I knew instantly that was the message because it felt so right.


You might have thought that was the end of the message, but no. It is in my office right now.  Buzzing around making a noise, distracting me.  Landing on everything.  Making its mark. Even being so bold as to land on me! It is driving me crazy. How can I work with this going on, I need to concentrate?


I hit out at it and missed, of course, it is way too fast for me.  It comes back and lands on me again.  Getting me even more irritated by it.  A tiny fly and it is irritating me; this must be a further message.


I decide this time to give Google a miss and tune in myself. I paused for a moment and allow the message to arrive.  I realised this:


This fly is bold, almost cheeky.  It’s not scared of taking a risk.  It lands wherever it wants.  It’s not bothered what people think.  It is being a fly.  It is going as fast as it can with its life, experiencing as much as it can. Landing on all these different surfaces trying new things. Knowing it can be squashed at any moment, living its life to the fullest. It keeps moving forward not scared to try.


That is the message from the fly! Again it resonated with me.  So when you see nature acting out of character, Google the totem animal meaning or tune in to see if you can get the message.  Signs are everywhere so we can understand the message behind them.


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