Pray And Worship – Not On Your Nellie!

One day in meditation on my recent book writing holiday, I felt myself slip deeper in and started to channel. Luckily, I put my recording device on when meditating so I can capture anything I need to. This totally blew my mind. I started to channel the collective consciousness of the divine beings of light.

They talked about the words God, Prayer, Worship. If I am honest they are all words that trigger me. I prefer to use the word Source than God. I believe Source is within us all and we are all connected.

I don’t like to pray but never understood why. They told me prayer is just a wish, a hope, an order you place with who or whatever you believe in.

Prayer within religious organisations and some cultures is often pressured. As a child, I was made to pray and this has pushed me away from Source. It is just about wanting something to happen really. It is about giving thanks.

Worship – well this really made me think, as this is an even bigger trigger for me. As again in this lifetime and others I have been made to worship something I didn’t feel connected to, so it felt false and forced.

Worship they told me is just respect, honouring, valuing as Source is within us all. Not only do we need to respect, honour and value Source but others and of course ourselves.

I can’t tell you how much better hearing this has made me feel about it all. I am very much non-religious but hugely spiritual. For me being spiritual is about how I am all day, every day, it’s within me. I don’t need to go anywhere to be spiritual, I just am spiritual. I can connect anywhere as it is all within me.

That said, I am totally open to other people’s religious practices and many of my family members are practising different religions. It is all about doing what is right for you. I hope by my sharing this you will realise you just must do what is right for you.

It’s not about thinking you are right and someone else is wrong, it is coming from a place of love.

If you would like to connect with your Angel, I have a meditation that you can download for free.