Angel Card Reading And Business Training
Angel Card Reader Certification
and Business Training
Become an Angel Mystic Certified Angel Card Reader
and have access to ALL of my Business knowledge
to help you set up your own Spiritual Business.
Training will be on-line with Amanda Tooke -
The Angel Mystic.
This online course will be take place over 1 week in 5 training sessions.

Prior to the course starting there will be:

  • some home study followed by a simple assessment before the first session - this is so that you are already equipped with lots of information about Angels that you can give to your clients in your readings/sessions.
  • an additional introductory Zoom session to help you start promoting your business.

Dates: 20th - 24th June 2022.

Times: 1 - 5pm (UK time)  daily.

This online course will run over Zoom.
Course Content

Angel Readings: A very extensive guide on everything you need to know about doing all types and styles of Angel Readings.

  • The important fundamentals of professional Angel Card readings
  • What your role as an Angel Card Reader really is
  • Different ways of offering readings e.g. in person, on line, email etc.
  • Different types of reading sessions
  • Boundaries with clients
  • Setting up the session so you can give a professional service
  • Making sure sessions don’t run over
  • Dealing with clients who block you tapping into their energy
  • Cancellation policy
  • Recording client’s sessions
  • Different decks of cards and preparation of them
  • Different ways of receiving messages
  • Preparing for an Angel Reading
  • Reading of the Angel Cards
  • Different spreads and services you can offer
  • Hidden meanings and Angel signs
  • Getting specific answers to client’s questions
  • Developing your intuition
  • Getting client feedback in session
  • Getting testimonials after the session
  • Ending the client session with upsells and future bookings
  • Feeling confident to offer your services
  • Trouble shooting and dealing with clients when they block you
  • Storage of cards
Angel Parties: You will get a complete guide on how to run them which will cover:

  • Boundaries to run parties professionally and make them enjoyable and fun for all
  • How to market them
  • Setting party up
  • Angel party games
  • Script to follow to help your clients connect
  • Quiz
  • How to do mini 1:1 readings
  • Party additional sales
  • Repeat bookings
  • Close down party practice

Business Training: A comprehensive guide so you know exactly how to start up and run your spiritual business successfully so you can have the life you want.

  • Setting up your own business
  • Business plan that works for you
  • How to market & create a marketing plan
  • Marketing hacks
  • Who is your idea client and how to market to them
  • Headshots and publicity photos you can use
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Setting up Terms & Conditions
  • Creating a Privacy Policy to follow GDPR
  • Setting up payment system and taking online payments
  • Book Keeping & Accountant requirements
  • Vat and Tax considerations
  • Being aligned to your price
  • Booking systems
  • Payment systems
  • Zoom and other online platforms
  • Business Success Mindset
  • Business Mindset
  • Manifesting business success
  • Facing your fears

Once you have finished the residential training, you will then have to complete 8 independent readings that we receive feedback on before you are certified and listed on my site.

There will be access to marketing packs so you can sell my books and Angels cards to give you more income too PLUS you will have access to an AFFILIATE SCHEME covering all of my products.

Within this training, I am including 2 FREE bonus programmes to help you on your exciting new journey. (Look for an additional bonus below!)

  1. Enchanted Life Angel Programme that you can download and learn in your own time.  
  2. BLAST – Business Life and Success Transformation.  This will teach you how to manifest a successful business.  

The questions I recommend you ask yourself if this is right for you are:

  • Am I happy with the life I have right now or do I feel I should be doing something else more in alignment with my soul purpose?

  • What is it going to cost you, and possibly your family, if you are not feeling fulfilled, content, having the freedom and choices that you want to create the life you desire?

The Cost

The cost of this training is £4,999.

Now just to alleviate those mind monkey saying “no way can I afford this”.  I want to remind you this is a business you are setting up and it can bring you a very good return on your investment in whatever time frame you wish.
The Business Model

I know from experience it is not impossible for you to recoup your costs within the first month and then the world is your oyster.
I have done some calculations for you to demonstrate what you could do.  Of course, it will be your business and up to you how much you charge, you will be able to work as little or as much as you like.  I will be helping you align to all of that in the training too.
At events, an average reading is £1 per min – so 30 min reading is £30 and 60 min is £60 but if you are working privately online you can charge a lot more.  My 60-minute reading is current £160.
So, if you took an average of £80 per hour and did 10 per week it would bring you in £800 per week or £3200 per month.
A party is £30/£40 per person, plus additional sales. 
If you had 8 people per party.
8 people x £40 per person = £320 for 2.5-hours of work, which is also a whole lot of fun!
If you did 3 evenings per week you would make £960 per week £3840 per month
So if your business model (which we will be creating on the training) had
·10 readings per week
·3 parties per week
You would take £7040 per month, so in less than a month, depending how much you wanted to work,you would be well into profit.

Below is a video that may answer some of your questions however, s
hould you have any questions that are not covered in the video, please email
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This course has been life changing in so many ways. I have expanded my knowledge, I am more confident in myself and my abilities, I have a fully formed business model and marketing strategy that I can act on immediately.

Most importantly, I  have formed friendships with some amazing ladies, whom I know will enhance my life.
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This course gave me the self confidence and self belief to stop hiding my skills and go for it!
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This course isn't just about how to read cards but also give you the tools you need to scale and grow a successful, long term spiritual business. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to set up a spiritual business rather than card reading as a hobby.
Amanda Tooke

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