Must Be My Lucky Day

I love swimming and go three times a week. I prefer getting to the pool early to kick-start my day. One morning recently I was running a little behind my usual schedule which meant I didn’t have as long for my swim as I usually do.

The route I take to the pool is on twisty single track lanes and I was frustrated that I ended up getting stuck behind a really slow driver. Great, now I was going to be even later and have even less time for my swim! I then had a thought – why was I being held up? There must be a reason for it that I wasn’t yet aware of.

As it turned out, the slow driver was going to the swimming pool as well. They turned into the car park and parked in the parking space next to where I usually park. I parked my car, got out and started walking quickly towards the entrance to the pool, all the while conscious of my lack of time today.

I was aiming to get ahead of the slow driver and make it into the building first. However, they decided to take the shortcut between two parked cars that I would’ve taken. This resulted in me having to walk the long way around.

On my way past some other parked cars, I noticed a £5 note laying on the ground and smiled to myself as I picked it up. “Must be my lucky day” I said out loud as the other person looked on. “Oo,” I thought, “I wonder if they think I should hand it in or will I block my abundance if I don’t keep it?”

In the end, I decided to keep the £5 as a gift from The Universe and be thankful for that and everything else that happened that morning to get me to that point.  With the firm intention that I will gift it forward when the right opportunity arises.

The moral of the story – The Universe always has my back. I may not fully understand that at the time but if I trust The Universe I know that all will pan out for my highest good. My question to you is: in what ways could you be blocking your abundance?

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