Missing The Message

I was talking to someone at swimming the other day and she was updating me on her leg issue. She’s had a joint replacement and it hasn’t gone particularly smoothly. She’s had a lot of trouble, is really restricted in her movement and is feeling totally frustrated by it.

She told me the tale of how she has to have her husband help her dress and how she doesn’t like that. She has lost some independence and let’s face it who would like that.

She was saying how she struggles to do what she could do alone because she doesn’t like asking for help. It was then it struck me. Was that the lesson? – as I believe life is full of them. Is that the reason it has all gone on so much longer than she thought it ever would? Was the lesson patience and being comfortable asking for help? If so, she might not improve until she grasps the lesson.

How many times do you ask for help from your Angel and then turn it down because it comes via someone else?

Often when we ask for help from our Angel we think they will do it for us. The reality is sometimes they send help via someone else and we have to be open and gracious enough to accept it.

Angels often answer in ways we don’t expect and then we can be confused by that and think they have not helped us.

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