MANifesting Update!

Following on from manifesting the warm-up man and not the main act, I did the inner work. I realised what my block was regarding my attraction to less than a match.

I healed my story and have to tell you what has happened since.

You see I wanted a fair match of a man financially. I wanted a man that drove a nice car. Not because I was after his material things, but because I wanted someone to be equal. I have a nice car and a nice lifestyle because I have worked through my money blocks.

Life has not always been this good and for a single parent of two children who has brought them up on her own, going from an ex-council house and living on benefits, I think I have done pretty well.

I am not looking to lower my standard. If I want to go on holiday with my new man I want him to be able to say yes, not I can’t afford it. I am done with lack and want only good things for myself and everyone else I work with.

So, manifesting a man of the right financial calibre is really important for me, especially as now I have cleared another block of my worthiness.


MANifesting Magic

So guess what has turned up? Yes, a new better calibre of men. Yes, Men!

The first one had his own business and a lovely Mercedes and then one with a Range Rover and private pool.

Wow, I squealed with delight when he told me that. I was overjoyed. Why? Because it meant I have definitely said goodbye to that block.

The strange thing is I think I might be just addicted to manifesting as I get the biggest buzz when what I want turns up. The thrill of it arriving is more exciting than the actual manifestation in person!

So, I am not sure whether anything will come of these high calibre men, nor am I bothered. I am just so delighted I have manifested what I wanted and now I can continue to do that because I have done the inner work.

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