This Makes Me Really Sad


I have heard this too many times recently and honestly, it makes me sad. I have spoken to people in general within my groups or possibly in a reading. I hear their story, they want something but it will never happen because of one of two things.

Firstly, and this is a biggy, they don’t believe in themselves so they are playing small. They don’t believe they are awesome and here to do awesome things. They think that is just for other people and they will stay in the background, denying the world their amazing skills and abilities.

They might want to do one more course, read one more book, get someone else to even do it for them. They are afraid of shining, afraid of being awesome, they are not afraid of failing, they are already doing that. They are afraid of succeeding. If they succeed what will it do to their lives, how will they cope? Too much responsibility.

No, instead as much as they want it, they tie themselves up in knots not stepping forward. So much so they will manifest obstacle after obstacle just so they can blame something else for not really living their life to their true potential.

Illness, accidents, other people’s problems will all come up and stop them. Then they can say “I can’t do what I am really supposed to because of ……….”.

Believe and Receive

The other thing standing in their way is, as much as they want something they don’t believe it is possible, as they are trying to work out how what they want could come to them. They can’t see the path forward and because they like to know the ‘how’ and control the situation, they lose all belief it is possible because in their eyes it can’t happen.

However, we are not supposed to do the ‘how’. We would never achieve anything if we did. We need to stop pretending we are in control and be open to receiving. It is the biggest block in manifesting when we don’t believe we are going to receive that which we wish to manifest. It stops in its tracks, but at least you can then say “I knew it would never happen. It just isn’t possible”.

You get the picture. Maybe this is you too, but I can guarantee you will know someone that is holding back on stepping up into who they came here to be.


Recently I have seen too many people holding back. Too many people selling themselves short thinking magic only happens to others. I am here to tell you it can happen to us all and that you just need to believe and keep believing until it arrives for real.

I would never have thought our home would have won ITV’s ‘May The Best House Win’, I would never have thought I would have manifested a free cruise, 2 of my dreams cars, a hot tub and a 6-figure business if I had to work out ‘how’ it would happen.

I honestly never would have thought I would have been doing this job like I do, reaching so many people and making a difference in the way I do. I feel totally blessed doing something I love, living my purpose. I couldn’t have done it alone though, I have had support. I mastermind and connect with people on similar journeys. I know my weaknesses and I get help with them. I work in my zone of genius as much as I can, doing things I am good at – which is getting results for my clients, helping them step up, running my groups and masterminds.

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