Geoff is my Guardian Angel and my Dear Geoff blog is like taking a sneaky peak into my diary and all I ask him for.  I hope by reading these blogs you will know how your Angel can help you. x

Dear Geoff

My long and faithful heavenly friend, who is always there to lend a hand.  I can’t help but think you must be sick of my forgetful memory; I seem to misplace more things than I care to remember at the moment.

Thankfully, as you are always watching out for me magically you remember where I put them.  Of course you must laugh as I search frantically here, there and everywhere, logically and illogically, turning the house upside down in my search which in this case recently was my missing lottery ticket.

Lottery_AngelNow I don’t often buy one, but stood in the queue the other day and the sign for the lottery caught my attention. Then hearing others in the queue discussing buying their ticket I thought this must be another sign from my lottery Angel!  So deciding to gamble my £2 I got a lucky dip and clearly thought little else about it. Now three days later I remember and emptying my handbag thinking I must have the winning ticket, bound to, as I now could not locate it!

I thankfully remember to ask you to help me.  After yet another search of my bag and all its pockets, you popped the suggestion of coat pocket into my head.  Immediately I placed my hand inside the pocket I found the ticket, smiling to myself and at how amazing you are at always knowing where things are.

So racing to the laptop to check the results, I couldn’t believe it not even one number, yet I felt sure it was a sign to buy a ticket.

On reflection I don’t know why I bother because I know I am not in alignment with that, it is not even what I want.  So I am wasting my money and my time in buying a ticket.

However, I do feel like I have already won the lottery because having you in my life makes it feel like that.  The feelings which as we know are the important bit when it comes to manifesting, the feelings winning the lottery would give me;  freedom, relaxed, at ease but working with you by my side feels like that and much more.  I understand the Angels always work for the highest good of all and are not concerned with a great amount of money in the bank that a jackpot win would provide, but they will always make sure we have enough.

So Geoff you are my lottery Angel.  But next time please can you help me realise when a sign is really a sign or when I am imagining it to be one.

With great love and thanks as always for helping with all the little things throughout the day.

A x