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Geoff is my Guardian Angel and my Dear Geoff blog is like taking a sneaky peak into my diary and all I ask him for.  I hope by reading these blogs you will know how your Angel can help you. X

Dear Geoff

You have left me totally on a high, I am literally buzzing and I am blown away on how you have assisted me over the last couple of days.  You even turned into my Laptop Angel.

As you know I had to make a trip to the Midlands for a workshop, which pushed me right out of my comfort zone.  Driving in city centres, when normally the biggest hold up I get here is when sheep are on the lane.

So with nerves at a heightened state, I was asking for all the help you could give me I set off on my journey.  All the way there I kept seeing synchronicities in number plates, cars, even kept seeing blocks of three foreign plates in row on the motorway.

Messages in music all the way there, it was so reassuring that you were supporting me and it really helped as my nerves had now disappeared.

Now as you know I am really good at getting lost, but not once did that happen.  Straight to the hotel, were the very last perfect parking space was waiting for me.

After checking in and getting into my room I realised I had forgotten my charger for my laptop, not the best idea considering it was an IT workshop I was on the next day!

I didn’t go in to panic.  I used sat on my bed and asked you to help and I knew you would help me manifest a solution.  So I visualized being in the training room and someone sitting next to me with the same laptop so we could share the lead!  I just trusted that would happen and with that confidence that it would all work out perfectly for me I headed into the bar to have a glass of wine before bed.

Now again, this is out of my comfort zone, in a strange place, in a hotel bar on my own.  But I had no sooner got sat down with my glass of pinot when a bar man came over making polite conversation and asking where I was from.  I told him Windermere and he said the manager was from there and called her over.  Needless to say the rest of my time in the bar was spent chatting with her and discussing all the people we both knew, turns out she lived in the same road as my brother.  Small world isn’t it!

I could have booked any hotel in the area, but I guess you guided me to choose that one knowing I would have been made to feel more than welcome.

So I slept like a log, not sure if that was down to you or the wine, but thanks either way.

Next morning I was up early and headed over to the workshop.  I was the first one to arrive and got settled in, thinking best not start my laptop up till the start due to the lack of charge I would have.  Next thing the door open and two guys walk in discussing how they will need to sit next to socket so to charge their laptops.  I said to them they had done well remembering their leads, explaining I had forgotten mine!

Next thing one of them looks at my laptop and says, “Yours is the same as mine, I will sit next to you and we can share”.

Well don’t you love it when a plan comes together, cheers Geoff! I had the biggest smile on my face and was sat chuckling to myself.  I bet the man who sat next to me wondered what is was all about.  But that is ok, I wasn’t going to explain, pretty sure he wasn’t open to how wonderful life can be when work with our Angels, especially how powerful it is when we manifest.

The workshop was a breeze, as too was the journey home.  Lying in my bed that night as I gave thanks as I do each night for all you have helped with.  That night you needed extra thanks in my eyes, you never cease to amaze me, not only do you organise a man with the same laptop, but also it was the first guy who came in after me, so you solved the problem as quick as you could!

With love and the biggest thanks ever Geoff My Laptop Angel

A x

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Amanda Tooke, also known as The Angel Mystic is a Spiritual Life Coach to the stars and people with big dreams.  Amanda is also a Reiki Master, a published author and has featured on television, radio and in various publications. Amanda is the creator of The MAP – Manifesting Abundance Process that she teaches in her membership site Abundance Club. Amanda also runs 5 * Angels in Anglesey Exclusive Spiritual Retreats, plus various online programmes and 1:1 work encompassing Angels, Spiritual Development and the Law of Attraction. Contact her at or visit her website 


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