Are You A Human Being Or A Spiritual Being Having A Human Experience?


I know for me when I’m in my spiritual mode I see things differently; it is like seeing the bigger picture. Life flows with ease when we have the support from our Angels.  When we stay focused on what we want it happens.  Big changes happen and they happen fast when we use Angels and Law of Attraction.

Everything flows so well normally for me because I am using my Angels every single day. I am clear on what I want and have a good spiritual and manifesting practice in place. I feel so loved, supported and cared for because I am taking the time to connect.  

A few weeks ago my family were away and I had no one to take care of apart from me, I was taking it easy and lazing around.  My routines went out the window.  This is ok for short periods but for me I can be a slippery slope.

When I slip from my spiritual mode into a more human mode and this is when the trouble starts. That’s when life feels sticky and stops flowing. You run late, queues of traffic, get held up by bin men (well at least I did), can’t find a parking space, you stub your toe or trip up.  You get the picture I am sure.  

This is just the start of your day and you have two choices.  You can continue thinking about what is going wrong and attract more of the same, staying very much in human mode and have an epic full-on bad day.  Or, jump back into your spiritual mode and think “Hey it’s only XYZ”, realise you are out of alignment and just get back in.

It really is that simple to turn your day around and I know I’d much rather be a spiritual being having a human experience. How about you?

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