Fears – What Others Think Of You Is None
Of Your Business


Why are we so bothered what others think of us?  Is it approval we need?  Is it about being liked?  Is it about being accepted?  Or is it fear of being judged?  Maybe it’s all of it?

Recently I did my first Facebook Live on my personal page.  Now doing Facebook Lives is not an issue for me.  I have done them a long time.  I usually do my Lives on my business page or in one of my groups.  It feels OK because you would only be there if you are interested in what my work is.


Stepping Out Of My Spiritual Closet

I hid in my spiritual closet for many years, scared if I spoke about Angels and energy people would think I was crazy.  It was so much safer to stay in that closet.  I just didn’t understand it enough myself to explain it to others.  That was until my spiritual life took hold and got me through so many difficult situations I could no longer deny it was a big part of me. 

When I first stepped out my spiritual closet it was met with a real mixed response.  Some totally understood or at least were open to it. Others thought I had lost the plot.  I revelled in watching people’s responses as the years rolled on.  I actually felt sad for people who didn’t get it or at least didn’t even try, as they were missing out on so much ease and flow.


Peeling Away The Layers

I thought I had got to the point of not caring what others thought.  I was certainly open to everyone else’s beliefs and if they didn’t understand mine I was not going to let it worry me.  What I love about this self-development journey we are on is we can think we have totally got to the bottom of something and healed and it, you can feel the shift within you and if feels so damn good.  Then wham!  Something comes along and shows that you have another layer to peel off.  Yep, that is what happened for me.  I thought I didn’t care any longer what anyone thought of me.  I thought if they like me great if they understand me even better and if they don’t well that is just not my problem.  I was strong in my beliefs, I understood myself, I was connected to divine energy and I had a message to share.

So why then when I thought about doing a Live on my personal page did it make my knees knock?  When I thought about it I realised there were people on my page that knew me before I stepped out of my spiritual closet.  They probably stayed connected to me because they feel they should not because they want to.  I know they are closed to spiritual things.  They are probably being nice and don’t want to offend me or cause any upset but they probably think I am a total fruit loop!

Yep, all that and more, all those presumptions I was making, all that fear of what they might be thinking.  I asked myself “is it true?”  Then I realised it doesn’t matter whether it is true or not.  It is my ego keeping me safe with my fears.  It is saying “Don’t do a Live on your personal page, Amanda, what if people think you are crazy.  What if they judge you?  How will you feel?”


Getting To The Other Side Of Fear

I knew I had to push my fears to one side and get through them.  I was not having some fears, which were based on things that are probably not even true, hold me back.  Fears can paralyse us, stop us from living our true potential.   The crazy thing is, as soon as I hit ‘go Live’, my fear left me.  It was no different from doing any of my other Lives. I was so proud I had rationalised my way through this block.  I could have bought into it and allowed it to stop me.  What would that have achieved?  I am not sure, but I do know it would have closed me down.  Instead, this whole experience opened me up to receive more magic from this incredible Universe we are in.


What fears are holding you back and are they true?


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