Do Not Have A Rainy Day Fund

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Do Not Have A Rainy Day Fund


I was walking out of a local grocery shop when I noticed a pin board with lots of Post-It notes on it.  I am still not exactly sure what it was about but I got the feeling it was everyone trying to win some cash to spend in the store and they were all saying what they would do with it.

I have to be honest a couple of Post-Its caught my eye and alarmed me enough to go back and take a picture.

As you can see they mentioned about saving for a rainy day!  It really made my stomach flip, who would do that?

Clearly, these people did not understand Law of Attraction at all and that makes me feel quite sad for them.  As they have just invited a load of things going wrong into their lives.

I understand people want a safety net with their finances, but everything is energy and every thought and feeling creates with Law of Attraction.

If they are expecting a rainy day and things being tight financially so they have to dip into their rainy day fund that is what they will get. They can probably expect quite a storm too!

Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t save up, but save up for things you want.  For holidays, new car, retirement, new clothes, furniture, save up for exciting things you want in the future.  Not save up for bad times!

If you do have a rainy day fund change the name and call it my magic and miracles fund. Can you imagine how many more magic and miracles you will get?

Amanda Tooke, also known as “The Angel Mystic” is a Spiritual Teacher to people with big dreams.  Amanda is also a Reiki Master, a published author and has featured on television, radio and columnist for Fate & Fortune Magazine. Amanda is the creator of The MAP – Manifesting Abundance Process that she teaches in her membership site Abundance Club. Amanda also runs 5 * Angels in Anglesey Exclusive Spiritual Retreats, plus various online programmes and 1:1 work encompassing Angels, Spiritual Development and the Law of Attraction and the energy of Passion!

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