Decluttering To Help You Manifest

Spring has sprung and what a perfect time to spring clean. I can remember when I was growing up my mum always spring cleaned. Curtains were washed, everything was pulled out and smartened up.

Nowadays you don’t need to wait for Spring to spring clean, in fact, de-cluttering and cleansing your space energetically is worth doing much more regularly than that.

It is a great manifesting exercise to do too. If you de-clutter your environment physically it also makes space in your head.

I work much better with a tidy desk and office than I do when everything is a mess. In fact, I like my whole house to be tidy and I feel quite overwhelmed when it is not.

Yes, the children laugh at me, when I say they need to move their stuff out of the kitchen, living room. Their favourite place to dump their coats and shoes is my office! It drives me mad and stresses me out! If I am focusing on the mess I am not focusing on what I want to manifest.

Their rooms are their domain and I don’t often go in as I find their clutter too much of a distraction.

When we are overwhelmed we can become paralysed and do nothing because it all feels too much and we don’t know where to start.

When you do manage to take action, even if you only sort out one small area like a drawer or your handbag it feels so much better.

The amazing thing is everything is about how you feel, so if you feel overwhelmed you are not going to manifest anything but more overwhelm.

Taking some physical action gives you space inside your head too. You feel clearer, more in control. You have space in your head to start thinking about what you want.

I am not saying you need to aim for being a minimalist, but how you feel is so important to what you will manifest. This month in Abundance Club we are looking at de-cluttering and how you can take it bit by bit to manifest what it is you want.

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