Angel Signs

One of the most common questions I get asked if not the most common, is “What do my signs mean?”

We all have Angels waiting to help us, but they can’t help us unless we ask.

When we ask for a sign some of the more popular ones we might receive are:
– Little white feathers
– Rainbows
– Butterflies
– Messages in music
– A tickle or goosebumpy feeling
– Buzz in our ear
– Synchronicity e.g. in numbers
– A little bird coming close

It is wonderful that we recognise these as a sign from our Angels but what do they really mean? Is it a good sign or bad sign? Is it telling you to do something or not? It can all be a bit confusing, but trust me it is much simpler than that.

It is about understanding that your Angel will communicate with you the way you need it, it is personal to you. They know you so well they will give you signs you can recognise.

I am a great believer that Angels are here to help us and make life easier. So when we get a sign it’s not about getting stressed by not fully understanding your sign.

Then if you have been asking for help, maybe they are saying they are working on it for you, you have nothing to worry about, it is all in hand. Or maybe they are reminding you they are with you and you just need to ask them to help you.

So next time you get a sign and wonder if that really was a sign, just trust that, even if you haven’t thought that it’s a sign, it will be.

Then go quiet and still for a moment and ask yourself “what did it mean”? Was it reassurance it is all in hand, are they reminding you they are with you? Again, trust whatever you get as that is the key to working with your Angel.

If you would like to get to know your Angel more you can meet yours on my free meditation which you can download here.



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