Are you like lots of people who block their Spiritual Development?
Amanda Tooke Spiritual Teacher, International Best Selling Author & Writer for Fate & Fortune Magazine shares


 I am Amanda Tooke
I make connecting with the Angels simple, fun and down to earth
  • Spiritual Teacher
  • International Psychic
  • Best Selling Author
  • NLP Coach
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Practitioner of Time Line™ Therapy
  • Reiki Master & Natural Born Healer
  • Writer for Fate & Fortune Magazine
  • Angels & Law of Attraction Specialist Guide
  • Creator of The MAP – Manifesting Abundance Process

I turn the “WooWoo” into “Woohoo”and I love helping you on your Spiritual Development journey.
Not only do we cover how YOU are blocking your spiritual development but in this FREE TRAINING that you can access IMMEDIATELY, you will cover: 

  • The different “Clairs” and how you are connecting already but probably don’t realise it.
  • Importance of energy hygiene on your spiritual journey to keep you safe.
  • How to eliminate your fears with your development.
  • Plus, at the end of this awesome free training I will teach you the ULTIMATE energy hygiene exercise on how to fully ground & protect your energy.  I will also share WHY this is essential not only for spiritual growth but in daily life.

On my 20-year journey of my own personal development one thing I have always found is when we do speak our truth we are never on our own. One, because Spirit supports us and two, because once you are brave enough to speak your truth about your own journey, you find others that are experiencing similar things but are often too scared to say it first.  

Your spiritual development is an ever evolving journey that at times is incredible but also confusing, bewildering and easy to get lost on. I remember looking back to when I started my spiritual journey or even other times when I am taking a huge leap forward in my development. That same confusing and overwhelming feeling can return. I would have loved someone to guide me but I am all self-taught and know it had to be that way, as that is what I have come here to do.

What I do have is tools to get me through and I want to share some of these in this special free instant access training with you now.

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