Want to know how to create Abundance in just 14 days?

Watch the video below to learn what's holding you back from manifesting all the abundance, joy, health, success you deserve and desire... and what you can do to fix it!


When life is just not flowing and you are tired of struggle.

You need to do something fast to turn it around.

We have all been there...
We want more money but we feel broke.
We want love but we just feel lonely.
We want health but we feel daily pain.

You don’t know how or when it will change, you just live in hope.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Hope is not enough.  Hoping something will happen will not change your mindset.

You need to expand your mindset to an abundant one, so you can believe you can manifest whatever you want.
As What You Believe... You Receive!

My new programme Create Abundance In 14 Days is just the thing to start turning it around from Day 1.

Everything I share in this programme are things I do myself that have turned me into a fantastic manifester and have created me abundance in all areas of my life.

This self-study ecourse will give you 14 days of mindset exercises to do.  That’s 14 different fun exercises that will help you manifest abundance in all areas of your life.  They will also help you expand your wealth consciousness too, this is very important if you are wanting more money.

I will teach you some fun manifesting routines that you can pick and choose from to create a successful manifesting practice for yourself.

Then you can be an amazing manifester just like me.
Just last year alone I manifested:
A 12 night free cruise around the Canaries
Better health
2 Apple computers
Garden furniture
Lent money to others
Increased my savings substantially
Got a new free wardrobe and new clothes to go in it
New friends
New gin glasses
I even got new spectacles for free!
A hot tub
New relationship
Pais for 8 of us away for a long weekend
Dining Chairs
Office Chair
Paid off my credit cards and overdraft
Employed a cleaner and gardener
Manifested a new home
Great support in my business
Plus increased my inner peace

Already this year I have upgraded to my new Range Rover Evoque (this is my second one). Not bad for a single mum of 2 children who used to claim benefits and live in an ex-council house!

I want you to know your dreams CAN come true, but you need to change your mindset.  Create an abundant mindset - then you can have an abundant life!

What you actually get in Create Abundance in 14 days:

Each day for 14 days I will send you something new to heal your money story, attract more abundance and expand your wealth consciousness.  It is a selection of the things I love to do and have been sharing with my 1:1 client’s since 2009.

In this programme you will also discover additional more fun ways to do affirmations.

Why? Because affirmations are always going to be one of the most important things you can do in your daily manifesting practice to create the life you want.  ​​

​​​​​​​Plus, you will learn:​​​​​​​

How to create an abundance bowl
‘You are more abundant that you think’ exercise
How to increase your awareness of your thoughts and feelings
Gratitude practice
Count-up exercise
Money attraction visualisation
Future diary work exercise that feels like you are writing your own reality
A game to expand your wealth consciousness, so more money can flow
Learn how to journal to unblock yourself
‘Act as if’ exercise to make you a master manifester
‘Keeping your focus’ exercises
BONUS: You get an invite to join my Mystic Moon Group where some of my paid clients hang out.
You can ask questions, share your abundance windfalls and get support.  It is so beneficial mixing with like-minded people.

Learn to play with the Universe with this fantastic programme delivered to you over 14 days, each day you get to try a new manifesting exercise.

By the end of the 14 days you will have found a new manifesting practice and be starting to attract more money, love and health into your life.
Abundance is a state of mind – you could have all the money in the world and not feel abundant.  You could have no money and feel abundant.  These exercises in the programme will work on your abundance in all forms, inner peace is the ultimate one for me.  They will also help you attract more money if that is what you want.

Create Abundance in 14 days is normally $97 (£75)  but today you get get it at the special price of $49 (£36) and take advantage of the LIMITED TIME BONUS!

If you join CREATE ABUNDANCE IN 14 DAYS before this offer expires you will save 50% off the regular price. Plus you will also get 1 month trial of the Abundance Club Membership INCLUDED worth $20/month (£15) for FREE!


What is the Abundance Club Membership?

I know it can be frustrating trying to understand how Law of Attraction works on your own. You may well know what you want from life, but are struggling to make it turn up.

So I created ABUNDANCE CLUB to help people just like you!

It gives you THE MAP (Manifesting Abundance Process) to create the life you want.

It combines a very special combination of Law of Attraction, Angels and Spiritual Development.

This is the ABC for a spiritually abundant life.

A - is for Angels who give you the inner peace and help you manifest by having head and heart in harmony.

B - is for Beliefs this is Law of Attraction, it is about creating beliefs that serve you, so you can manifest the life you want and not block yourself.

C - is for your Connections, understanding your guidance as when we manifest it is not just a case of asking for something and expecting it to turn up, we have to follow our inspired guidance.

This special combination gives you the POWER OF THREE with your manifesting.

Abundance Club honestly is incredible.  If offers you so much for so little.  It really is a low cost content packed membership site. The reason I am doing this because I know how hard life can be at times, I have been there.

I know how much you want things to change and change fast.  The worst thing is sometimes you know what you want, what you really want but you just can’t afford it.

Well, now with Abundance Club you can’t afford not to.

​​​​​I know if you implement everything I teach in Abundance Club you will see huge changes in your life.  I know because I have and the hundreds if not thousands of people I have already helped. 

As soon as you join you get access to the Welcome Module, which contains:

Instant access to THE MAP

Manifesting Abundance Process THE MAP – the 7 step process for your abundant life!

The 7 Modules:

Receiving Mode

Plus one exercise from each step

You will have tools straight away to start you manifesting what you want. There is a video explaining the importance of each step.

PLUS... BONUS Modules on:

Bonus Module on Energy, Intuition & Spiritual Development

Angel Basics Video Module

Law Of Attraction Video Module 

Plus access to this month's module!

Each month you will also get:
A new module that is released on the first of each month shows you others ways to complete each step in THE MAP. This will give new tools each month that you can use in your manifesting practice.  Then when you do come up against a new block you will always have something new to try.
Abundance Club has been going since July 2015 so there are even plenty of extra past modules that you can purchase at a special bundle price if something catches your eye.
Easy to understand information on this month's subject to expand your development on that subject.
A new meditation to do with this month’s subject
Daily support and encouragement and accountability in the Facebook group, so you can questions all month long.
Two Facebook Live sessions giving you more information on that month’s subject and give you chance to ask any questions and hang out with me live.  The dates and time for these are published when the module is released.
Sounds great doesn't it? It certainly will give you amazing results - and it’s included for FREE today.

The subscription to Abundance Club means you become an exclusive member of my club, were lots of people hang out with me and learn how to manifest with their Angel's help.

If you don’t completely love it you can cancel Abundance Club at any moment, just email hello@mystic-moon.co.uk and your subscription will be cancelled immediately, no questions asked.

Otherwise you can stay in the Club for as long as you want, as your Club membership will continue automatically after the trial at $20/month until you cancel.
You no longer need to feel stuck. Create Abundance In 14 Days will give you real tools to change your reality.
Plus - 1 month of the Abundance Club Membership included FREE!
Read what others have said about CREATE ABUNDANCE IN 14 DAYS
Hi Amanda, I really enjoyed doing this course.  I looked forward to your email each day and set time aside to do the work.  My confidence has grown and I’m finding each time I visualize it is easier and more fulfilling.  Spending money is now pleasurable and I am seeing the money growing in my abundance bowl, it’s so rewarding.  Thank you for your guidance and I’m hoping to have a reading with you.
Still future journalling, writing and reciting affirmations.  My abundance bowl is nearly full, can’t wait to count what’s inside.  Made friends with my finances and money in general.  Try to use cash instead of debit card.  Joined Abundance Club last night.  Finding the number 5 is occurring often in the form of finding many 5 pence pieces, bus numbers etc.  I feel that Create Abundance in 14 days has paid for itself over and over again every day.
Amazing!! Ten days ago I didn’t have the financial means to do this course and every time that I saw Amanda’s post I just ignored it!  However, on the last night I was searching for nursery rhythms for my grandson on Youtube and there was Amanda’s post.  An hour later I was looking up something else and the same post pops up again.  I felt the Angels were giving me a message.  I had to pawn a sentimental item to do this.  However, since doing the programme I was given a table and chairs which I up cycled and sold.  So this meant I could buy back my item, plus buy a birthday gift for my son in law and granddaughter.  So Thank you Amanda, it really does work. Xxx
Had a surprise when I looked in my bank account….had a tax rebate.  Still journaling, affirmations and meditations.  Have my alarm going off hourly.  Love it.

These are the manifesting routines I do daily to create the life I love.  I have been doing them for years and they have turned my life around as as single parent of two children living on benefits in an ex-council house I became winner of ITV’s May The Best House Win.

The best time for you to have started this programme would have been 14 days ago, so then you would be reaping the benefits of it too like all the other lovely people already changing their reality.

The next best time is now and take advantage of this special offer.  Click below and come and join us manifesting abundance.  If you want change you need to take action!

Turn your lack into abundance today.

Are you ready to learn how to create the ultimate manifesting practice and transform every area of your life with the Law of Attraction?


Click here to get started and create the life you love for only $49, plus get 1 month of the Abundance Club Membership included FREE!

NOTE: Your subscription for the Abundance Club will automatically continue after the free 30-day trial at $20/month unless you email us to request a cancellation before that.

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